Activities to Teach Children About Kindness This Summer

One of the main benefits of mentoring programs for youth is that it teaches them about kindness. There are several ways to teach your kids about kindness this summer, from helping out a neighbor to having a lemonade stand. Here are eight ways you can instill kindness in them!


Make bookmarks for your local library


Bookmarks make reading more fun. The next time you have craft time with your kids, have them create DIY bookmarks. When kids get to mark the spot they stopped in their book with something fun, it encourages them to reach their summer reading goals. You can use crayons, markers or paint, and cardboard paper, elastic, fabric or popsicle sticks. Donate some of your bookmarks to your local library.

Leave water out for the birds, or make a pinecone feeder


All you need to make a pinecone bird feeder are pinecones (which you can probably find throughout your neighborhood this time of year), peanut butter, birdseed and string. Have your kids find the perfect pinecone, then have them roll it in peanut butter, next roll it in birdseed, and finally once it’s dry tie a string to it so you can hang it. If you want to do something more simple, you can leave water out for the birds to come drink, too.

Help out an elderly neighbor


Some ways you can help your elderly neighbors during the summer are by assisting them with yard work, introducing yourself, visiting them often, helping them with meals, offering to change light bulbs, painting for them or walking their pets. Anything you do for them will teach your kids kindness, and your neighbor will really appreciate it.

Leave heads-up pennies on the sidewalk


It’s said that if you find a penny on the ground facing heads-up, it means good luck and you are free to take it. It only costs a few cents to lay a few pennies heads-up, which can make someone smile when found. Consider doing this outside a movie theater or grocery store when you’re out and about this summer.

Send your family or friends a nice note on handmade cards

Your close friends and family members will love getting a handmade card from your kids. They can have fun making it, thinking of something fun to write on it and giving it to them. You can use watercolor paints and white crayons, or any crafts you already have around the house. It’s a great activity for a hot, summer day.

Have a lemonade stand


Hosting a lemonade stand gives your kids something to do during the summer. It teaches them good life skills, and you can choose to donate the money they make to a local charity. Donating at a young age instills good values into them.


Share what you’re grateful for


Before you dive into lunch, dinner or snack time, share what you’re thankful for. When you take the time to notice the little things, you realize how much good you do have and it helps you realize the importance of being kind to others so they can see the good in their lives.


Read books that teach kindness


Another way to teach kindness to your kids is to have them read books about kindness. “Have You Filled a Bucket Today” by Carol McCloud and David Messing is a book about how being kind to others fills their bucket and yours, and when you’re not kind it takes out of others’ buckets.

“Be Kind” by Pat Zietlow Miller and Jen Hill shows that kindness can be big or small, from asking the new girl to play and standing up to bullies. “Strictly No Elephants” by Lisa Mantcheve and Taeeun Yoo is about pet day, but no elephants are allowed; a boy and his pet elephant show everyone about true kindness and friendship.


Discover the benefits of mentoring programs for youth

The benefits of mentoring programs for youth include teaching them about diversity, showing the value of teamwork, boosting their self-esteem and building new friendships. Mentors can also learn just as much from their mentees. If you’re interested in summer programs for your kids who attend Howard Kennedy, Nathan Hale, Central Park and Hartman, contact us today!