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“I’m not alone, there is someone who cares whether I succeed or not.” —DREAM Youth Member

This statement is the reason why we began mentoring youth. By building strong relationships, our mentors provide their mentees with an experienced friend who is there to help in any number of situations.

DREAM’s Becoming A Man team mentoring program matches college-educated, professional male mentors with at-risk young men. Together, mentors and mentees work through a strengths-based curriculum, which includes decision-making, accountability, self-efficacy and strategic goal setting.

What is team mentoring?
The notion of placing adolescents in a team mentoring setting with one or more caring adults is not new. For years, youth have participated in skills-training groups, camps, team sports, outdoor adventure programs and a myriad of other activities. During these activities, one or more adults meet with the youth in small, time-limited groups on a regular basis.

Benefits of team mentoring:

  • Mentors provide a young person with someone who cares about them and their future.
  • Mentors help young people boost their individual self-esteem, set life goals and identify self-worth.
  • Mentors encourage youth to stay in school and understand the value of education.
  • Mentors introduce young people to professional resources and beneficial organizations to help ensure future success.
  • Mentors teach young people how to relate, understand and communicate with their peers, parents, educators and others within the communities we serve.

We’re always looking for mentors throughout Omaha, NE, and Springfield, MO. If you want to make a huge impact in a child’s life, volunteer with DREAM.

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