Our mission is to expand opportunities for at-risk youth by providing positive role models, experiences and assistance.

Our Impact

After school programs, get ready to add a little flash, bang and boom to your after school lineup. Doing some simple science experiments at your home or in your classroom is the easiest way to teach kids to be problem solvers and critical thinkers. It will foster curiosity about the world around them too.

Turns out, even the smallest steps can have an impact. This Earth Day, consider your ecological footprint and enact these seven green ways to embrace today.

Students need more than a strong curriculum, good teachers, and time in the classroom to succeed. After school programs like DREAM have long known that they can embrace the hours between the time school closes and parents return from work to provide children, especially those who don’t have access to other activities, with exciting, engaging experiences that will help them grow in their academic, social and professional skills.