Why Summer Programs Are a Good Idea for Kids

kids playing on the playground

Every kid is unique, and every kid can grow from participating in summer programs. They can discover the value of teamwork, spend less time on screens, experience nature, grow their self-esteem and build new and pre-existing friendships. DREAM’s mentoring programs in Omaha, NE, include summer programs, and we wanted to share why they’re a good idea for kids!

They’ll discover the value of teamwork

Teamwork is an important skill for kids to develop. No matter what part of life they’re in, they will need to be able to work with others. Summer programs put kids in environments that require teamwork, whether it be a recreational activity or an arts and crafts project. They’ll learn how to be a team player and communicate well with others. As they get older, knowing the value of teamwork will help them want to be active in their communities.

They’ll have less time for screens

Children spend a lot of time on screens. Summer programs give them something to do that’s not on a tablet, computer or TV. Kids spend an average of five to seven hours a day on screens per day. Too much screen time reduces their time spent reading and sleeping and their overall performance at school. Summer programs offer a place where kids can discover their interests and play into them. They get to participate in a variety of different activities and can begin to find what really interests them.

They’ll be encouraged to experience nature

Nature caters to all five senses. Being outside, whether playing sports activities with friends or enjoying a sprinkler party, encourages movement and gives kids a healthy dose of Vitamin D. Nature is essential for their physical health, and enjoying fresh air is also good for mental and emotional health. While experiencing nature, they can be more imaginative and come up with new ideas.

They’ll grow personally and in self-esteem

Summer programs encourage kids to try new things, which will help them grow. They can partake in some of their favorite activities and explore things they may not have tried before. These programs also give them a sense of achievement and belonging, which caters to self-esteem. They can learn more about who they are and who they want to be in a safe and nurturing environment.

They’ll build friendships with people different from them

During summer programs, kids can make new friends and expand their friendships in a way they cannot during the school year. While participating in summer programs and activities, kids will be exposed to other perspectives and other kids with different backgrounds than them. They will learn the importance of acceptance and leave with strong friendships.

Join mentoring programs in Omaha, NE

If you’re looking for a summer program for your child to participate in this upcoming summer, consider joining DREAM. Our goal is to put kids on a path toward a successful future. We know that when at-risk youth are left unsupervised, negative behavior can arise. Summer programs give parents peace of mind, and they can know their kids are participating in various enrichment activities. Contact us today to learn more about our mentoring programs in Omaha, NE!