The Importance of Being Present in Life

When you focus on being present in life, everything else falls into place. The past is behind and the future is coming, but what matters is focusing on where you’re at right now. Studies actually show that living in the moment makes you happier. Focusing on what you’re doing rather than letting your mind wander can make you 66% happier.

Living in the moment is especially important when it comes to helping at-risk children. It’s likely they have a lot going on in their home lives, and it might be difficult for them to focus on their schoolwork or extracurricular activities they have going on in the current moment.

DREAM provides adult supervision and support after school and gives these children the opportunities they need to reach their full potential. Being present in life can help kids improve their social skills, be more creative, have less stress and have a greater appreciation of life.

Improved social skills

When you’re having a conversation and you don’t know what to say, it might be because you’re thinking about something in the past or you’re considering future scenarios. When your mind isn’t jumping between these different trains of thought, you’re able to focus on and actively listen to the person you’re communicating with. This can help with letting go of self consciousness, improve your focus and lessen outside distractions.

Being present in the current moment also means not scrolling through social media while out with other people. When you’re sitting at a table with your friends, it’s important to pay attention to your interaction with them and not what’s going on with your phone. This can help you enjoy time with your friends without overthinking.

More creativity

A world of creative possibilities will open when there are no mental blocks to stop creativity from flowing. Creative expression can help at-risk youth cope with stress and give them a feeling of accomplishment. There are no rules when it comes to playing, painting or writing, and a sense of creative mindfulness can even help with homework.

When a child is completing a homework assignment, they might second guess themselves or get stuck thinking about how many more questions they have to answer. When they’re able to relax and work on solving the current problem, their best work will flow.

Less stress

Being connected to the present moment creates less stress in life and makes you happier. When you’re still, centered and grounded, you’re able to react more calmly to certain situations. Anything going on in the past or future can cause you to be stressed, and you don’t want to ruin the good that exists in the current moment by thinking about those things. It’s necessary to stop worrying about what could happen and focus on what actions you can take now. Be open and see what happens.

Greater appreciation of life

Things in life have the potential to become better when you’re living in the present moment. For example, you might start to notice more detail in nature and begin to appreciate the sounds of birds or the wind. When you focus on where you are, things are always fresh and new. You will see more good in people too. You will begin to experience things differently and live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Helping at risk children be present in life

Kids are naturally more present and playful than adults. We can learn a lot from them through mentoring and other activities. DREAM knows the importance of helping at-risk children and that’s why we offer team mentoring and after-school programs. If you’re interested in how you can become a part of this organization, contact us today!