The 7 Types of Happiness You Can Experience

Happiness can be found in many different aspects of life. Sometimes happiness can be hard to find if your life has been difficult. Helping at-risk children find happiness through providing positive role models, experiences and assistance is a huge part of DREAM’s mission.

DREAM knows the importance of helping at-risk children. We want to give them opportunities to grow, as well as ensure they’re able to reach their full potential in life. By providing activities to do after school and participating in team mentoring programs, we can give them reasons to be happy. Below are the seven types of happiness you can experience!


Joy can be found in anything that brings you comfort, delight, or satisfaction. It can be listening to your favorite music, spending the day outside reading a book in a hammock, finding money in an unexpected spot, laughing, listening to a thunderstorm, a personal achievement, playing with your pet or seeing a rainbow in the sky. Oftentimes joy is experienced quickly, it comes and then it goes and you’re left with a smile on your face.


Excitement is when you just cannot contain the feeling you’re experiencing. You got a new job, you aced your test or you’re traveling to your favorite place. Excitement can channel you to enjoy where you are at this moment in your life. It can make you want to work harder and keep giving your best effort at work or in school so you can keep experiencing the feeling of excitement.


You are sure to be happier when you’re optimistic. Good attracts good. If you are consistently optimistic about your surroundings, then your surroundings will reciprocate it. Positivity minimizes disappointment, and helps you overcome challenges. Being an optimist will allow you to see all of the possibilities in front of you, and motivate you to reach them. Being optimistic can also rub off on others, causing them to be happy, too.


Being thankful is an important type of happiness. Focusing on what you have, rather than wanting more, can increase your overall happiness. Gratitude impacts your relationships and experiences. You can experience gratitude by either telling someone thank you or taking a step back and appreciating the good in your life.


Feeling pride is actually a good thing. Being proud of yourself because of certain things you’ve accomplished adds to your happiness. Sometimes people view pride as being conceited, but having the right amount of healthy pride is a positive thing. You can take pride in yourself, the things you care about and who you surround yourself with.


Love caters to happiness and happiness feeds off love. You can have love for your family, friends, pets, significant others, music, art, your favorite movie, flowers and more. Spending time with loved ones and doing things you love is sure to increase your happiness. Loving yourself is also important. When you give love to yourself first, you’ll be able to successfully share it with others.


If you push your mind towards contentment, you will be satisfied and happy with your life. Bad things sometimes happen in life, and as important as it is to work through it, it’s just as important to take power over the situation. Contentment is similar to gratitude in that you count your blessings and focus on what’s good.

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Becoming a mentor in an underprivileged child’s life can add to both your happiness and theirs. We want to continue making a difference and positively impacting the lives of youth in our community. If you’re interested in how you can become a part of this organization, contact us today!