Getting the Most out of Your Volunteer Experience

Volunteering can benefit your life in many ways. We become so busy sometimes, but we need to take the time to slow down a little, enjoy life, and look at where we’re going and why. Volunteering is a great way to do exactly that; it can help center your priorities and discover what you’re passionate about.

Being a volunteer benefits not only you, but those you’re helping as well. Giving your time and energy to volunteer makes a bigger difference than you’re often aware of. When you volunteer with DREAM’s after school programs in Omaha, NE, you’ll gain a sense of purpose while giving those around you a whole new kind of fulfillment in their life.

How to get the most out of your volunteering experience

DREAM offers many volunteer opportunities throughout the year, so it’s easy for you to find something that matches your skills and interests. If you’re not sure what you’re passion is, don’t worry! Volunteering will allow you to meet new people, explore and learn! DREAM is always looking for people of different backgrounds in life to volunteer, as your individuality brings a unique skill set to the organization.

Ways you can get the most out of your time volunteering are by setting and achieving goals, taking advantage of every opportunity to learn more, and being open to new ideas. Choosing a place to volunteer that aligns with your personal and professional goals can help you expand your ideal career. Also, keep track of every place you volunteer so you have an easy way to remember them when you need to. Being open allows you to be taught by others; you’ll be giving what you have, but also gaining insights on things you may not have thought of.

Benefits of volunteering at after school programs in Omaha, NE

If you’re looking for a way to feel purposeful and increase your happiness, volunteering with at-risk youth is sure to leave a positive impact. Happiness is contagious, and youth think it’s the coolest thing that you’re hanging out with them. Even if they haven’t necessarily had the best cards dealt to them, by helping them reach their full potential, you’re putting a smile on their face.

Several benefits of volunteering include meeting new people, increasing your overall well being, boosting your self-esteem, and advancing your college and career readiness. You’ll build lifelong, meaningful relationships while volunteering. Volunteering is known to decrease stress and even increase your brain function. You’ll feel better about yourself when volunteering because it gives you a sense of accomplishment. You might even discover a career path, plus volunteering looks great on a resume.

There are many ways you can volunteer with DREAM. We offer after school programs in Omaha, NE, group mentoring, tutoring, summer programs, and athletic and event support teams. Volunteering is very rewarding, especially if it aligns with your passions. If you’ve been thinking of volunteering, there is always a perfect time and place. Contact us today if you’re interested in joining our team and volunteering with us.