Valentine’s Day activities for kids and after-school programs

Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a kid is so fun, from creating a box for Valentine’s Day cards to giving and getting cards from your classmates. Whether you're a teacher, mentor or parent, these fun and creative ideas for kids and after-school youth programs will help you make Valentine's Day memorable!

Valentine’s Day crafts

Engage children in arts and crafts to let their creativity shine. Set up a crafting station with colorful paper, stickers, markers, glue and scissors. Kids can make personalized Valentine's Day cards for their friends and family, decorating them with love.


Friendship bracelets


Teach kids how to make friendship bracelets using colorful beads and string. Encourage them to exchange bracelets with their friends as a symbol of their friendship. It's a great way to foster creativity.


Choose books with themes of love, friendship and kindness for a special Valentine's Day storytime session. Reading aloud not only enhances language skills but also sparks meaningful discussions about the importance of love and friendship.


Baking and decorating

Host a mini-baking session where kids can decorate heart-shaped cookies or cupcakes. Provide various toppings like sprinkles, icing and candies, allowing them to express themselves artistically while enjoying delicious treats.


Valentine’s Day themed scavenger hunt

Create a fun scavenger hunt with clues that lead kids to hidden Valentine's Day surprises or treats. This activity promotes teamwork, problem-solving and excitement as they work together to uncover hidden treasures.


Acts of kindness


Encourage children to perform acts of kindness. This can include helping a friend with homework, sharing a toy or giving a compliment.

Dance party

Turn up the music and let kids have a dance party. Dancing is a fantastic way for them to express themselves and celebrate the joy of togetherness. You can even teach them a few basic dance moves to get the party started.

Friendship trees

Provide each child with a paper heart on which they can write the names of their classmates and what they appreciate most about them. These hearts can be added to a "Friendship Tree" display to remind everyone of the special bonds they share.

Outdoor activities

If weather permits, take the kids outside for some fresh air and outdoor games. You can organize a heart-themed relay race, a heart hunt (similar to an Easter egg hunt) or a game of "Valentine Says," a Valentine's Day twist on Simon Says.

Creative writing

Encourage kids to write their own short stories or poems about love, friendship or acts of kindness. These creative writing exercises help improve their writing skills while promoting emotional expression.

Community outreach

Instill the spirit of giving by involving kids in a community service project. They can create Valentine's Day cards for senior citizens in nursing homes or care packages for those in need, spreading love beyond the classroom.

Friendship pledge


Have each child create a friendship pledge or contract. This document outlines their commitment to being a good friend, showing kindness and resolving conflicts peacefully. It's a valuable lesson in building and maintaining healthy relationships.


Spreading love with after-school youth programs

These activities can be integrated into after-school youth programs to create a fun Valentine's Day for kids! As children participate in these activities, they not only have fun but also learn valuable life lessons that will stay with them long after the holiday is over. If you’re interested in how volunteering with DREAM benefits kids and does good in our community, contact us today!