What children can learn at a farmers market

Children are naturally curious and drawn to what's going on in the world around them. One place that offers a unique learning experience is a farmers market. Bursting with vibrant colors, enticing scents and an abundance of fresh produce, farmers markets provide a hands-on opportunity for children to discover and explore various things. Here are some farmers market activities for at-risk youth that will help them gain an understanding of their food, sustainability and the community!


Appreciation for local and fresh produce


Farmers markets serve as a way for children to learn about the origin of their food. Encourage them to engage with farmers and vendors, who can share stories about their produce. By witnessing the journey from farm to market, children develop a deeper appreciation for the value of fresh, locally-sourced food.


Healthy eating


At the farmers market, children can explore an array of fruits and vegetables, as well as other wholesome products. Encourage them to identify different types of produce and try new foods. This hands-on experience can pique their curiosity and encourage healthy eating habits, making them more likely to develop a taste for nutritious foods.


Environmental awareness


Farmers markets promote sustainable practices and offer opportunities for children to learn about the importance of sustainability. They can learn about organic farming, composting and recycling. By understanding the connection between sustainable practices and a healthier planet, children become empowered to make environmentally conscious choices later on in life.


Cultural diversity


Farmers markets often showcase the rich diversity of the local community, including various ethnic foods, traditions and crafts. Encourage children to explore different cultures by trying new foods and engaging with diverse vendors. By embracing diversity, children gain a broader perspective on the world and develop respect for different cultures.


Math skills


Navigating a farmers market offers opportunities to practice basic math skills. Encourage children to handle money, compare prices and calculate totals. These real-life math experiences can help them do better in school.


Gardening knowledge


Many farmers markets also feature plant nurseries or booths dedicated to gardening supplies. Encourage children to explore these areas where they can learn about gardening and growing their own food. With guidance, they can also purchase seeds or small plants to start their own home garden in your backyard.


DREAM is all about activities for at-risk youth

The next time you visit a farmers market, bring your children along for an enriching adventure that will nourish them both physically and mentally. When there are several activities for at-risk youth to take part in, it’s less likely they’ll get into worrisome things that can jeopardize their future. Contact us today to see how DREAM is helping the children in our community and learn how you can get involved!