Reasons to volunteer this summer

Whether you’re working part-time this summer or have free time throughout the week or on the weekends, there are a lot of different things you can do to give back. Maybe you’ll choose to help out at a food bank in the evenings during the week, or maybe you want to pick up trash on the weekends. You can also volunteer at DREAM’s mentoring programs in Omaha, NE. Below are some pretty good reasons to volunteer this summer!

It feels good


Helping others, animals, the environment or whatever cause you choose can make you feel good and also improve your mental health. Kindness comes back around, and those you help out are extremely grateful for your contributions. Volunteering can boost your self-esteem and decrease the amount of stress in your life.


It’ll boost your resume

Choosing to help others actually helps you. You can volunteer with a variety of organizations and fine-tune your career interests. For example, say you volunteer with a local organization that helps build houses for those in need, you could discover you really like interior design and want to pursue a career in interior design and continue helping people. Along with fostering career interests comes providing career opportunities. Employers want genuine people to work for them, and when they see various places you’ve volunteered, they’re more likely to call you in for an interview.

You’ll learn new life skills

What’s also great about the abundance of ways you can volunteer is learning new life skills, or finding out you’re good at something you didn’t know. You can increase your communication skills by working with people from different backgrounds and areas of life. You can also become more of a leader or team player when volunteering in groups.

You get to meet tons of new people


Volunteering helps you build connections in your community. If you pick up trash with a local neighborhood organization, you meet those who live around you and you just might make some new friends. You can also gain insight into a new perspective and be exposed to different cultures. Volunteering can teach you so much about others.


You can pick up another language


If you volunteer with people who are fluent in another language, it can help what you’ve learned come back to you and you might be able to speak it more fluently. If you choose to volunteer abroad, being around those speaking the new language helps your brain pick up on it. You can learn more quickly from locals. Plus, being bilingual has its own benefits.


Volunteer with mentoring programs in Omaha, NE

When you volunteer with the youth in your community, you learn just as much from them as they do from you. If you’re interested in how you can take part in mentoring programs in Omaha, NE, DREAM is always looking for volunteers! Contact us today to learn more about the difference you can make!