Types of Volunteering

There are so many ways you can get involved in your community. It’s all about opening your eyes to the needs of others, doing favors for your neighbors, rallying on important issues, finding something you’re passionate about and making a difference. There’s a right fit for everyone when it comes to volunteering. Our organization is founded on mentoring at-risk youth by providing them with life-changing opportunities. Below are the different types of volunteering!

Mutual aid

Mutual aid volunteers acknowledge the needs of the community. Volunteers team up to address specific issues or common struggles. It’s an alliance between members of the community, not just one person giving to another. These neighbors in Omaha created the Mutual Aid Network amid the coronavirus outbreak to ensure everyone in the neighborhood had food and that those who were especially vulnerable were doing alright.


Service volunteering is when volunteers respond to a perceived need of someone in their community. For example, mowing your elderly neighbor's lawn. It is something that is done free of charge. It’s as simple as going out of your way to assist people and make life easier for others who may be struggling. 


Campaigning is when a collective group of people voice to make a change. Think of the Black Lives Matter movement, women’s rights activists or rights for the LGBTQIA+ community. Campaigning often amplifies the voices of marginalized groups. It encourages policymakers to make necessary changes.


Participation volunteering consists of giving your time and energy in any way to contribute to a cause. Whether it be volunteering or a specific job you have that compensates you for your efforts. It can benefit the public or one specific person. Think of when someone is running for the school board or a local political position, and groups will participate in supporting them.


Leisure volunteering is choosing something that interests you and getting involved with the cause. Maybe you’re passionate about everyone in the community having food, and you partner with a food bank like the Food Bank of the Heartland to compile boxes of food. Maybe you’re passionate about art and partner with an organization like Benson First Friday to spread awareness.

Volunteer by mentoring at-risk youth

Another way you can get involved with the local community is to volunteer by mentoring at-risk youth. DREAM is an organization dedicated to helping the youth in our community reach their full potential. From after-school programs to mentoring, our volunteers give them someone to look up to and encourage them to stay in school and away from harmful behaviors. If you’re interested in volunteering with DREAM, contact us today!