The Benefits Of Speed And Agility Training For Young Athletes

Speed, agility and quickness are all needed to make big plays in every sport. These three skills are needed to compete at a high level. And, as athletes develop, these three things should be the main focus while training.

At Warren Academy, we offer speed and agility training programs that are focused on helping athletes improve their quickness, acceleration, change of direction, athleticism and overall speed. We understand how important speed is in sports, and we know the best ways to help athletes build speed. Below, we discuss why speed and agility training is so important for young athletes. 

Increases athleticism

Speed and agility training increases your functional core strength, dynamic flexibility, control and balance. All of these different functions work together and make athletes more athletic overall. In just about every sport, athleticism is needed in order to excel, and speed and agility training helps athletes enhance their performance. 

Improves speed

Agility training drills also help athletes improve their ability to move quickly. Being able to run fast and move on a dime provides you with an advantage over your opponents. This is especially true in sports like football, basketball, soccer and track, where speed is a huge factor in player performance. 

Improves recovery time

There is nothing worse than playing a game or practicing while you are sore after a hard workout. That leads us to another benefit that speed and agility training programs offer. This type of training will push you to run even when your legs are burning, which helps prepare you for tough situations and conditions your muscles for the upcoming season. 

Reduces risk of injuries

When athletes are not used to running or making fast-twitch movements, they are putting themselves at a risk for injuries. One of the worst injuries for any athlete is a hamstring injury, which could keep you sidelined for weeks. With speed and agility training, your body becomes balanced, more flexible and more used to the movements your sport requires. This ultimately allows you to not only perform your best but help reduce the risk of injuries as well. 

Creates a mind-body connection 

Youth speed and agility training helps strengthen your mind-body connection through muscle memory. Many speed and agility drills require fast-twitch movements, which in turn become habit-forming. This is another reason why speed and agility training programs are important, as athletes are able to take what they have practiced and directly apply it to their play on the field.

When it comes to excelling on the field and court, all of the things we listed above are crucial. By developing speed and agility, athletes are able to reach their full potential. 

At Warren Academy, our speed and agility training programs focus on developing functional strength, speed and agility to help athletes unlock their full athletic potential. If you are interested in signing your young athlete up for a speed and agility session, visit our website today to learn more about our program!