Gifts You Can Give to Create Experiences

Have you ever thought about giving clutter-free gifts? Rather than giving something materialistic, you can gift those you love with experiences such as attending an event, doing an activity or taking a class together. You could also give them the gift of your time, a subscription to a streaming service or something homemade and meaningful.

Clutter-free gifts not only create lasting memories but can aid in helping at-risk children know they don’t need something of material value to be happy. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite gifts you can give to create memories!


Physical gifts are always nice, but consider doing something more this holiday season. Get your family movie tickets so you can see a movie together, tickets to a concert or festival you know they’ll love or sporting tickets if they’re fans of a specific team. Attending any of these events together will create a memory they’ll have forever, unlike a toy that they’ll eventually outgrow.


Does your child love to dance or cook? Consider getting them signed up for dance classes or cooking classes where they can do their favorite thing or learn a new hobby. If they've expressed an interest in learning a particular sport or a certain type of art, there are tons of classes you can get them involved in.


Give the gift of your time this year to a busy parent. Offer to babysit, cook them a meal, do their grocery shopping, clean the house or take their kids out for the day so they can catch a break or run any errands. You can even schedule something later in the year like creating a garden, where their kids can have an activity and have a feel-good learning opportunity.

Memberships, passes, subscriptions and gift cards

What better way to spend time together than at the zoo, a national park or an amusement park? You can get them a membership to the zoo, the national parks, theme parks or a museum. Consider passes to mini golfing or bowling for the day for the kids or a spa day for the parents. 

You could also get them a subscription to a streaming service with their favorite shows and movies, or a subscription to wine for the parents and meal preparation for the kids to help create. You could also provide them with gift cards to restaurants for a family night out.

Homemade goodies and gift baskets

Who doesn’t love something homemade? If you love being in the kitchen, gift your loved ones with baked goodies, jams or salsas. You could also make them a gift basket with chocolate treats or craft beer for the parents.

Helping at-risk children know there’s more to the holidays

Gifting more experiences than materialistic gifts is a great habit to get into. Of course, you can get your child the doll house they’ve been begging for or the action figure they must have, but consider adding on something that they’ll be able to value longer. You can also volunteer with DREAM this holiday season and help us in helping at-risk children. Contact us today to see how!