Steps to Improve Mental Clarity

Living an altruistic life is all about caring for the well-being of others as well as yourself. DREAM knows the importance of helping at-risk youth. We want to encourage them to achieve mental clarity. Below we define mental clarity and give ways you can improve your own.

What is mental clarity?

Mental clarity allows you to be focused, active and engaged. If you find yourself unable to think clearly or experience a loss of interest in things you normally enjoy doing, you may be experiencing mental exhaustion. This can stem from certain stressors, such as anxiety, poor nutrition or lack of sleep. To be able to perform at your best, you need a clear mind.

Everyone has experienced brain fog at one time or another. It’s okay to be down every once in a while, especially while coping with things life throws our way. Mental clarity is necessary to best accomplish our goals, make informed decisions and solve problems.

Steps to improve mental clarity

Mental clarity can help us be more productive and enjoy life to its fullest. If you’re working with or mentoring someone experiencing a lack of mental clarity, it’s important to encourage them to do what it takes to achieve a more clear mind. Practicing self-care and utilizing these tactics can help you and your mentee get things done more efficiently and live fulfilling lives.

Get enough sleep

Sleep and energy go hand in hand. To have the amount of energy necessary to get through each day, you need an adequate amount of sleep every night. Sleep affects your mental and physical performance. It’s recommended that you get seven or more hours of sleep a night.

Manage stress

Identifying what distracts you and knowing the causes of your stress can help you in the long run. Creating an effective plan to manage stress is sure to improve your overall mental health. Meditating is one great way to decompress, center yourself and live in the present moment.

Eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water

Our brains need good nutrition to perform at their best. Good nutrition gives you the energy you need to stay motivated and encouraged. Foods like blueberries contain antioxidants that reduce cognitive decline. Salmon is high in Omega-3 fatty acids which can protect your brain’s thinking skills and improve memory. Nuts and seeds such as walnuts have been shown to boost brain power as well.

When you’re properly hydrated, you’re more likely to be in a good mood and have a high energy level. The brain is made up of 80% water, making it necessary for us to stay hydrated in order to sleep well, improve efficiency and maintain a good attention span and memory function.

Practice self-care and move your body

Take some time each week to do something for yourself. Altruism encourages us to give to others, and it’s just as important to give to ourselves. Find an activity that you like and give it priority to help control your stress and keep your mindset strong. Personal growth will help you be a better person who is more able to dedicate your time and abilities to others.

Donate and volunteer

Talking to those around you and listening to what they have to say can help you know how to be a good community advocate. Donating your time to a nonprofit positively impacts the organization and your life. Dig a little deeper and try to really put your best self out there.

Join our mission in helping at risk youth

DREAM is full of volunteers and team members who all have the same goal: helping at-risk youth. Through our efforts, we have been able to provide hundreds of youth with the opportunities they need to be successful. If you want to help them grow and learn, contact us today to see how you can get involved.