Ways Athletes Can Build Strength

Every sport requires some aspect of strength, speed, agility and conditioning. Without all of these attributes, it’s hard for athletes to develop into success. That is why in youth sports, specifically high school sports where athletes are at a growing stage in life, strength training is so highly recommended. 

Building strength is not easy. It does not come overnight. To build strength an athlete must put in many hours, make some sacrifices, and really focus on what they are doing. Because everyone’s genes are different, building strength can come easier for some, and more difficult for others. However, there are simple things every athlete can do, other than their specific training exercises, that can help with building strength quickly. 

At Warren Academy, we offer youth strength and agility training programs to help youth and high school athletes build functional strength and speed for the sports they play. We have helped athletes of all sports, ages and levels improve their athleticism and take their game to the next level. Below, we share some ways athletes can build strength overtime. 

How to build strength

Like previously stated, strength doesn’t come overnight. No matter how hard you work in the weight room, you aren’t going to be considerably stronger the next day. Building strength takes time, effort, focus and dedication. 

Stay consistent

One of the best ways for athletes to put on muscle and increase their strength is by staying consistent with their strength training. The offseason is the best time for any athlete to improve their athleticism, but it’s vital that they are staying consistent in order to see results. Consistency in the weight room is the most important factor for muscle growth. 

For mulit-sport athletes, it can be harder for you to stay consistent with strength and agility training while playing sports. This is why in-season training is so important, as it helps in-season athletes maintain their strength rather than lose it. 

Focus on fueling your body

Another way that athletes can help build strength while training is by focusing on how they fuel their body. What are you eating/drinking before you train? What about after? For high school athletes especially, what you eat and drink can greatly affect your overall strength. Eating high protein foods and drinks after a workout can help young athletes build muscle quicker. Staying hydrated every day and limiting soda can help you have better training sessions. These are just a couple of examples of how you fuel your body and impact your performance. Here are four tips on how to fuel your body like a professional athlete!

Focus on technique

Training technique is vital in helping athletes improve their strength and reduce the chances of becoming injured. However, even today, we see many athletes who show poor lifting techniques. Focusing on a solid technique may require athletes to reduce the amount of weight they lift, however, plays a huge role in building strength in the long run. Not only will your body appreciate it, but you will too once you see yourself start setting new personal records in the weight room!

While there are so many ways in which athletes can help themselves build strength, it won’t be easy without these three factors. Staying consistent, focusing on how you fuel your body, and focusing on your technique while in the weight room are three areas athletes must master in order to build strength quickly. 

At Warren Academy, we not only train our athletes, but help educate them on ways in which they can improve their sports performance any chance they get. If you are interested in joining the WA family and taking your game to the next level, visit our website today and learn more about our strength and agility training programs.