How Speed and Agility Training Benefits Athletes

In the sports world, SPEED KILLS, which is why speed and agility training programs are essential for athletes of any age and sport. This training style helps athletes increase their overall athletic performance by focusing on improving speed, acceleration, flexibility, balance and agility. Athletes are able to carry all of these attributes over to the field or court. 

At Warren Academy, we offer speed and agility training programs for youth athletes looking to work hard and develop their skills. Here are some benefits of speed and agility training and why it is important athletes are implementing this training style in their workout regimen. 


Increased athleticism

Youth speed and agility training increases your functional core strength, dynamic flexibility, control and balance. All of these different functions work together and make athletes overall more athletic. In just about every sport, athleticism is needed in order to excel, and speed and agility training helps athletes enhance their performance. 


Improved speed

Agility training drills also help athletes improve their ability to move quickly. Being able to run fast and move on a dime provides you with an advantage over your opponents. This is especially true in sports like football, basketball, soccer and track, where speed is a huge factor in player performance. 


Improved recovery time

There is nothing worse than playing a game or practice when you are sore after a hard workout, which leads us to another speed and agility training program. This type of training will push you to run even when your legs are burning, which ultimately prepares you for game time. Also, by building core strength and increasing energy levels, regular speed and agility training will also increase your recovery time. 


Reduces risk of injuries

When athletes are not used to running or making fast-twitch movements, they are putting themselves at a risk for injuries. One of the worst injuries for any athlete is a hamstring injury, which could keep you sidelined for weeks. With speed and agility training, your body becomes balanced, more flexible, and more used to the movements in which your sport requires. This ultimately allows you to not only perform your best, but help reduce the risk of injuries happening as well. 


Mind-body Connection 

Youth speed and agility training helps strengthen your mind-body connection by muscle memory. Many speed and agility drills require fast-twitch movements, which in turn becomes habit forming. This is another reason why speed and agility training programs are important, as athletes are able to take what they have practiced and directly apply it to their play on the field. 


All athletes should be taking the time to improve their speed and agility. As important as strength training is, being strong will only get you so far in sports. Speed, agility, balance, and flexibility, on top of strength, is what will set you apart from the rest. 

At Warren Academy, we offer many youth sports performance programs that are designed to help athletes perform better and improve their overall athleticism. Visit our website for more information regarding any of our sports performance programs