Ways To Be A Good Teammate

When it comes to team sports, at any level, being a good teammate is something every coach should ask of their athletes. As the saying goes, there is no “I” in team, which every athlete needs to understand. When your team is filled with “good teammates”, there are endless opportunities to reach. 

At Warren Academy, we offer youth athletic training programs to help athletes improve their skills for the next level. However, athleticism doesn’t matter if you do not have a team mentality between the team members! . Here, we discuss some of the characteristics of being a good teammate. 


Develop Relationships

A good teammate will take time to develop good relationships with his or her teammates. Great relationships between teammates and coaches is the foundation that leads any team to success. In youth sports especially, the relationships of players on a team will make playing together much more enjoyable, and help the entire team find a love for the game. In order to create good relationships, players need to get to know teammates on a more personal level rather than just a “sport buddy”. 


Leads by example

Another characteristic of being a good teammate is being a team leader. And as the saying goes, actions speak much louder than words. A good teammate should show up to practice, games, and lifting early, listen to their coaches, give them good eye contact, is attentive and stay mentally prepared 100 percent of the time. 


Willing to play any role

Being willing to play any role at any time is another way any player can become a great teammate. In sports, especially higher levels, some players won’t see very much playing time. Although this is tough on any athlete, this should not dictate their dedication to their team and their teammates. No matter if you are on the court, field, or bench, a good teammate will help their team as best as they can in any and every situation! This also means that players need to be understanding that the coach makes decisions for a reason, and that some things are out of their control. 


Always encourage

Lastly, a good teammate will be one who always encourages his or her teammates. When your teammate makes a good play, you have to give them the credit they deserve. On the flip side, if a teammate makes a mistake, never point your finger. Instead, it’s essential that teammates are helping each other realize how good they are, and act as a friend during adverse situations. When players start blaming other players for certain plays or losses, it can create a sense of division throughout the team. 


Being a good teammate goes beyond saying good job when others do well. Being a good teammate is about being a friend, a leader, and a sidekick to the boy or girl lining up next to you. 

At Warren Academy, our youth athletic training programs not only focus on sports performance, but athlete development as well. Our team training programs help all levels come together and strengthen each player's accountability. To learn more about our youth athletic training, team training or any of our programs, contact us today!