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Training Levels

Our athletic performance programs will maximize each athlete’s full potential through functional training methods. Here are the age levels and program emphasis for each. 

Youth Training (AGES 10 - 11) 
Our Youth Athletic Training program is designed to improve any young athletes overall athletic ability. This program is primarily a foundational strength and movement-based program.

Competitive Training (AGES 12 - 14)
Our competitive training program builds off of our foundational strength athletes developed through youth training. Once they have moved to this level, we begin to incorporate more Olympic lifts to develop explosive power. 

Varsity (AGES 15 - 18)
Our Varsity prep program will improve the athlete’s overall explosiveness, power, speed, agility and conditioning. Our Varsity program is designed for the athlete who is ready to compete in one sport or more at the High School level. 

College Prep (18+)
Designed for athletes headed to or currently in college.  Warren Academy’s college prep program utilizes the same methods and intensity used to train elite level athletes.

Pro Athletes
Our Pro Athlete program is customized for each athlete depending on his or her sport and time of the season they are entering training.