Impact of After School Tutoring

Academics, learning and growing as a student are all something that is so important in the growth and development of every child. As our children go to school, they learn new skills and curriculum each and every day. However, the way your child learns may be different from the next. Some students excel in large classrooms, while others do better in a smaller, more hands on environment. No matter what style of learning your child is best at, gathering information and becoming a more knowledgeable student is incredibly important. 

In Omaha, there are many after school tutoring programs that are designed to help kids who have trouble learning, or who may just need additional help with certain subjects and classes. Many of these programs, including our after school tutoring program here at DREAM, put a great emphasis on having fun while learning. 

No matter what the reasoning might be, youth tutoring can make a lasting difference in the growth and development of your young student. Here are the impacts and benefits tutoring adds to the educational experience of youth. 


Improves academic performance

Youth tutors take time to use their skills and knowledge to help improve the skills and knowledge of the student. Tutors often put great attention into the areas in which students are struggling in, which in turn will help students better understand their coursework, and do better on homework, quizzes, and exams. 


Improves study habits

During a tutoring session, students are able to work on coursework outside of their usual education environment. This teaches them new study habits that they can adapt to at home as well as in the classroom. 


Builds confidence

Probably one of the most impactful benefits of after school tutoring is that it gives students the confidence and improved self-esteem, which is not just important in school but all aspects of life as well. Confidence is key to everything we do in the world and is especially important for the growing student. Children are more likely to enjoy doing something if they are confident in themselves. Through tutoring programs, children will build up their confidence, which ultimately helps them become successful and not afraid of trying new things. 


Helps students hold themselves accountable

Lastly, tutoring programs bring a sense of accountability that will go a long way in a student’s overall dedication to their academics. Through tutoring, students will eventually realize their personal growth, which in turn will help them start taking responsibility for taking time to study and complete their assignments. 


After school tutoring programs are a great way to give your children the resources they need and deserve when you are not able to be at home to help. School can be challenging, but tutoring programs take those challenges and turn them into academic success. 

At DREAM, we offer after school programs for at-risk youth in the Omaha, NE area. With the help of our community, we give students a safe and nurturing environment to hang out and study after school. To learn more about our after school program, contact us today!