Athlete Recruiting Tips

The college athletics recruiting process is very complicated and time-consuming.  Nowadays, high school athletes are starting to be recruited earlier than ever before. Everyone’s recruiting process is different, which makes it difficult in finding the correct way to take on this journey. 

At Warren Academy, we offer youth athletic training programs and have worked with many athletes who have gone on to play at the next level. Here are some great athlete recruiting tips to help your recruiting process go more smoothly. 

Start Early

One of the best ways to get recruited out of high school is to start your process early. Waiting until the end of your junior year to reach out to coaches puts you in a time crunch in finding a school and program that’s right for you. Kids these days are sometimes getting recruited out of middle school. Make sure you are starting your process early and not waiting until the last minute to reach out to coaches!

Academics Matter

Your skill and athleticism are not the only things college recruiters will evaluate. In fact, one of the first things any college recruiter looks at is grades. College coaches are not going to waste their time on athletes who aren’t performing well or putting in the work academically. As a student-athlete, student comes first, and the same goes for college level athletes. 


Keep your options open

When searching for schools, many athletes seem to think their only option is a Division one university. However, this isn’t true for all athletes. As Division one gets the most attention, the most television coverage and the most scholarships, this is far from the only option. There are many levels of college athletics, including NCAA Division two and three, NAIA and Junior College. Having the mindset that you will only play for a Division one school will limit your recruiting options and your chances of receiving a scholarship. 


Be smart on social media

Another thing that college coaches pay attention to is what athletes are posting on their social media. In a tech savvy age of time, most high school athletes are active on social media. An inappropriate tweet or post can ruin your recruiting process just like that. Know that coaches will be looking at your social media, and post things that you know will be okay for them to see. 


Social media is also another great way for athletes to communicate with coaches. Many college coaches have started reaching out to athletes on Twitter. Here are what some of the top college coaches have to say about social media and how it affects their recruiting process. 


Although this can be a nervous process, this time in your life should be exciting and enjoyable. You will never get recruited to a university again. When deciding on what college and program to sign to, be sure it is the right fit, both athletically and academically!

Warren Academy offers youth athletic programs to help athletes become more athletic and reach their goals. Visit our website to learn more about all of our youth athletic programs and how they can help you take your game to the next level!