Our New Facility Is Now Open!

Our doors are now open! Warren Academy has opened a new facility in southwest Omaha. As we expand and grow our footprint, our mission remains the same: provide the highest quality training and events for student athletes that have a desire to improve their performance and be the best.

Our second facility has top quality equipment, from Nova Fitness Equipment, to make sure our athletes are getting the training they deserve.

Our athletes will have plenty of room to train in our new, 6,000 square feet facility located at 4507 S 119th Circle.

Our new home has additional class times along with our northwest Omaha location. Class times will vary depending on the type of class and the type of group.

Warren Academy Southwest:

Adult Fitness Classes (Age 18+): $150/month

  • Monday- Thursday: 6-7 AM/ 7-8 AM/ 7-8PM
  • Friday & Saturday: 6-7 AM/ 7-8 AM

College Prep Classes (Age 18+): $100/month

  • Monday-Thursday: 10-11 AM/ 5-6 PM
  • Saturday: 10-11 AM

Competitive Training (Age 12-14): $150/month

  • Monday-Thursday: 10-11 AM/ 5-6 PM
  • Saturday: 10-11 AM

Varsity Training (AGE 15-18): $150/month

  • Monday-Thursday: 10-11 AM/ 5-6 PM
  • Saturday: 10-11 AM

Youth Athletic Performance (Age 8-11): $150/month

  • Monday-Thursday: 9-10 A/ 6-7 PM
  • Saturday: 9-10 AM

Warren Academy was established in 2008 to help student athletes take their physical and mental abilities to the next level. As of 2017, Warren became a program of DREAM. Together, DREAM and Warren will help student athletes be a better version of themselves.

If you are interested in training at Warren Academy or you would like more information on the type of classes and training that we offer, contact us and we would love to help you get started on your goals!