Parent involvement in after-school programs

After-school programs play a vital role in enriching the lives of young students. They provide a safe and supportive environment for children to learn, grow and develop new skills outside of regular school hours. While these programs are instrumental in a child's development, the active involvement of parents can take their impact to the next level. Let’s explore the benefits after-school programs in Omaha, NE, bring to both children and their families!


Strengthening a strong support system

When parents engage with their children's after-school activities, they can reinforce the importance of education. This involvement can lead to improved academic performance, as children are more likely to complete homework, study and stay focused. Try asking them about the activities they got to participate in when you pick them up.

After-school programs often emphasize teamwork, leadership and interpersonal skills. When parents talk to their kids about these activities, they can help children navigate social dynamics, build positive relationships and develop essential emotional intelligence.

A strong parental presence can encourage positive behavior and discipline. Children are more likely to follow rules and guidelines when they know their parents are invested in their after-school experiences.

Fostering a love for learning

After-school programs often offer a wide range of activities, from arts and sports to science and technology. This allows children to explore their interests more deeply, helping them discover their passions and talents. You can help inspire their hobbies and interests by encouraging them to try new things during their after-school programs in Omaha, NE.

Parents can actively engage in the learning process by participating in hands-on activities, experiments or projects with their children. This not only reinforces classroom lessons but also makes learning fun and memorable. Our team helps with homework, and parents can too.

Encouraging questions, discussions and curiosity about the world around them can lead to a lifelong love for learning. Parents can stimulate their children's intellectual growth by fostering an inquisitive mindset.

Building stronger relationships


Engaging in after-school activities opens up channels for open communication. Children are more likely to share their thoughts, concerns and achievements when they feel their parents are actively involved and interested in their lives.


Encouraging a holistic approach

Many after-school programs include physical activities and sports. You can trust that our volunteers and mentors are teaching them how to play safely. Parents can also help their children manage stress, anxiety and emotional challenges by providing emotional support and teaching coping strategies when needed.

Supporting working parents

For working parents, after-school programs provide a safe and supervised environment for their children while they are at work. Knowing that their children are engaged in enriching activities offers peace of mind. After-school programs can extend the learning day, allowing working parents more time to balance their professional and family responsibilities.

Getting involved


Below are some ways parents can get involved.

Regular attendance

Attend parent-teacher meetings, workshops and program events to stay informed and engaged.



Offer to volunteer your time and skills to support after-school activities, chaperone field trips or assist with special events.

Homework help

Create a designated homework space at home and provide guidance and support to ensure homework is completed effectively.


Encourage exploration

Encourage your child to explore different activities and interests. It’s important for you to be open to their choices.


Ask questions

Engage in meaningful conversations by asking about your child's day, their experiences and what they're learning.


Join DREAM’s after-school programs in Omaha, NE

By actively participating in your children's after-school journey, you can contribute to academic success, emotional well-being and the cultivation of lifelong skills and passions. It's a collaborative effort that empowers youth to reach their full potential and build a brighter future. Contact us today if you’re interested in becoming more involved or if you have any questions!