Celebrating Mentoring Month

Mentoring Month is observed in January. It’s a time to promote the importance of mentorship programs and recognize the difference mentors make in the lives of young people. Learn about the significance of mentoring and the ways you can get involved in youth mentoring programs!


Why does mentoring matter?


Mentors empower youth, encourage them to stay in school, help develop their interests, offer emotional support and build resilience.

Empowers youth

Mentors provide guidance, support and encouragement to young individuals. Through these positive relationships, youth gain the confidence and skills they need to navigate life's challenges.


Academic success


Research shows that students who have mentors are more likely to excel academically. Mentors can help with homework, offer study strategies and instill a love for learning.

Career development


For older youth, mentors can be instrumental in career exploration and planning. They offer insights into various professions and help young adults make informed decisions about their future.


Emotional support

Mentors offer a safe space to discuss feelings, concerns and personal growth. This emotional support can be life-changing.

Builds resilience


Mentoring relationships teach resilience by helping youth navigate adversity and setbacks. These experiences foster problem-solving skills and the ability to bounce back from challenges.


How can you celebrate Mentoring Month?

Consider becoming a mentor, supporting youth mentoring programs, spreading awareness and recognizing mentors.


Become a mentor

If you have the time and expertise, consider becoming a mentor. We’re always looking for volunteers to support youth in various areas of life.


Support mentoring programs

Donate to organizations that provide mentorship programs for youth. Financial contributions help these programs reach more young people.

Spread awareness

Use your social media platforms or community networks to raise awareness about the importance of mentoring. Share facts, stories and the positive impact of mentorship.


Recognize mentors

Take the time to acknowledge and thank mentors in your life. A simple gesture of appreciation can mean a lot.


Join DREAM’s youth mentoring programs

Mentoring Month is a reminder of the positive influence mentors have on the lives of young people. Whether you choose to become a mentor, share your mentorship journey or support mentorship programs, your involvement can contribute to the growth and well-being of the next generation. Contact us today if you’re interested in mentoring with DREAM!