UPDATED: How To Be The Best Teammate

Team sports offer young athletes so many benefits. From learning how to play as a team, to the friendships and relationships built along the way, team sports are a great way for young people to develop essential life skills needed later on in life. Teammates are able to work together for a common goal. They are able to learn from one another, as well as lean on each other whenever they need it. 

As the saying goes, there is no “I” in team. For a team to succeed, every athlete must be the best teammate they can be. When every single member of a team buys in and works together, the opportunities for success are endless. 

At Warren Academy, we work with teams from every sport in our team training performance programs. Effective teamwork is what sets a team apart from the rest of their competition, and this starts with each individual player. Below, we go over what every athlete needs to do to always be the best teammate. 

Develop relationships with your teammates

A good teammate will take time to develop good relationships with his or her teammates. Building great relationships with teammates and coaches is the foundation that leads any team to success. In youth sports especially, positive relationships between players on a team will make playing together much more enjoyable. It will help the entire team find a love for the game. In order to create good relationships, players need to get to know their teammates on a more personal level rather than just a “sport buddy.” 

Lead by example

Another characteristic of being a good teammate is being a team leader. Actions speak much louder than words. A good teammate should show up to practice, games and lifting early. They listen to their coaches, give them good eye contact, stay attentive and are mentally prepared 100% of the time. 

Willing to play any role

Being willing to play any role at any time is another way any player can become a great teammate. In sports, especially at higher levels, some players won’t see very much playing time. Although this is tough on any athlete, this should not dictate their dedication to their team and their teammates. No matter if you are on the court, field or bench, a good teammate will help their team as best as they can in any and every situation! This also means that players need to be understanding that the coach makes decisions for a reason and that some things are out of their control. 

Put the team’s success in front of your own

Lastly, a great teammate is someone who always puts the team’s success first. No matter how well you played, pointing out what other teammates did well or how the team came together to get a win will amplify you as a teammate. To be a great teammate takes humbleness, which is something that stands out to everyone around you. 

In sports and life alike, teamwork is what makes the dream work. When athletes come together to be the best teammates they can, their opportunities for success are endless. Keep these qualities in mind when trying to be the best teammate you can be!

At Warren Academy, our football team training performance programs focus on developing teamwork from within. If you are interested in learning more about our team training programs or any of our sports performance programs, visit our website today!