Ways to empower our youth

Empowering the youth in our community is an important investment in the future. By providing support, opportunities and resources for at-risk teens, we can nurture their potential, instill confidence and foster positive growth. Here are some impactful ways to empower the youth in our community, enabling them to become leaders and change-makers!




A good education is the foundation for empowering the youth. It’s important for at-risk teens to have someone who encourages them to stay in school, as well as teaches them the importance of education. Initiatives such as after-school programs, tutoring and scholarships can bridge educational gaps and promote academic success for every student. Encouraging lifelong learning and promoting educational equity helps young people unlock their potential and opens doors to a brighter future.

Mentoring programs


Mentorship plays a vital role in empowering the youth by providing guidance, support and positive role models who can help in a number of situations. Mentors can offer insights, share experiences and help young individuals navigate challenges, set goals and develop essential life skills. Mentoring programs, like DREAM, connect youth with experienced professionals who can inspire confidence, foster personal growth and cultivate a sense of belonging within the community.


Community engagement

Encouraging young individuals to engage in their communities cultivates a sense of ownership and empowers them to drive positive change. It can also give them a sense of belonging and boost their self-esteem. Volunteering and attending local community events enables young people to contribute meaningfully and develop a strong sense of social responsibility.

Safe spaces

It is crucial to create safe and inclusive spaces where youth can express themselves freely, explore their identities and connect with peers. Summer and after-school programs foster a sense of belonging and encourage positive social interactions. Promoting diversity, equality and inclusion ensures that all young individuals, regardless of their background or abilities, feel valued and respected. Safe spaces nurture creativity, self-expression and personal growth, enabling the youth to thrive and contribute to the community.


Help DREAM mentor at-risk teens

Our after-school, mentoring and summer programs all work towards putting the youth in our community on a path toward a successful future. We give them someone who cares about them and their future, and we connect them with professional resources and beneficial organizations. Contact us today if you’re interested in volunteering with DREAM and making a difference in a teen’s life!