Ways to keep kids busy

If you’re a working parent who needs a safe and nurturing environment for your kids to go to after school until you can pick them up, you should consider after school programs in Omaha, NE. DREAM provides kids with homework assistance and other fun activities, which can help parents out. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, working parent, or a parent who just needs a little break, it’s nice to have things to keep your kids busy. Below are ways you can keep your kids busy at home!

Age appropriate toys

Interactive and constructive toys are some of the best to keep kids entertained for a long period of time. It’s also important to have age-appropriate toys so they don’t get bored. Consider toys like LEGO sets, wooden building blocks, K’nex and Erector sets, and puzzles. Give them a task to build something cool, and they’ll be occupied for a while.


Books are another great activity, and a plus side is that reading books is a quiet activity. Try and find books with topics they’re interested in, as well as age-appropriate. A library card to the Omaha Public Library is a great idea because rather than buying books you can borrow and exchange for another. Older kids can entertain themselves by reading a book silently and younger kids can flip through a picture book, or you can check the library’s website or use an app for reading eBooks aloud to younger kids who cannot yet read.

Arts and crafts

Anything from coloring books to Play-Doh to paints to stickers can be arts and crafts for kids. Kids love to explore their imagination, and arts and crafts are a great creative outlet. You could have them paint a rock from the yard, make a sticker collage, string beads, or create their own board game.

Educational websites

If you have an extra computer or tablet your kid can use, educational websites with games are another great way to ensure your kids are occupied for a while. You don’t want them spending too much time on screens, but many websites allow them to grow in math and reading. You could also stream a documentary about animals, National Parks, or a how-to for them.

Playing with pets

If your child is getting restless, suggest going outside and throwing a ball to Fido. If the weather isn’t permitting, try and set up toys for them to play with inside. If you have a dog, they could brush it or play treat games. If you have a cat, they could clean its litter box or play with a cat toy. If you have a hamster, guinea pig or fish, you could task them with cleaning their cage or tank.

Have them gather donations

Have your kids go through their closets and toys to see what no longer fits them or what they no longer play with. Give them a donation box to put it in. You can drop off donations at the Goodwill or another facility as a family activity. This installs a sense of altruism at a young age.

Build a fort

You can create a fort using couch cushions, blankets or sheets, coffee tables, couches, boxes or whatever you have around your home. Creating the fort is one task that your child will take time to perfect, and playing in the fort is a whole new experience. They can put pillows inside to sit on, and bring toys and games inside to play. They could even watch a movie in it.

Watch a favorite movie

Too much screen time isn’t good for kids, but watching their favorite movie is a good activity to keep them entertained. You could choose something educational or their favorite Disney movie. Picking a movie can also take up some time.

After school programs in Omaha, NE

If your child needs a safe place to go after school until you’re able to pick them up, DREAM offers after school programs in Omaha, NE to give parents a peace of mind that their kids are safe and away from negative behaviors. Contact us today to learn more!