What Is Stability Training?

In every sport, balance and coordination are keys to high performance and success. Without balance and coordination, it’s hard for athletes to reach their full potential. This is why, as athletes grow and train more, they should not overlook these two attributes. Balance and coordination both play into a broader term, stability.

At Warren Academy, we offer a variety of sports performance training programs that are designed to help make every athlete elite. Having stability is something that every athlete should never overlook when training. Below, we go over what stability is and the benefits it offers athletes. 

What is stability?

Stability is the ability to control forces, which may be unbalanced, in order to remain balanced. It’s essentially the combination of being balanced and coordinated, and it is needed in a number of different sports. For example, running backs in football need great stability in order to break tackles and stay up. 

Stability starts with an athlete's core. A strong core can significantly help improve an athlete's stability and keep them balanced more often. 

Benefits of stability for athletes

Reduced risk of injury

Great stability can greatly reduce the risk of injury happening to athletes of all sports and ages. Changing the intensity or duration of certain movements or training can end up causing overuse injuries. With great stability, the chances of these overuse injuries happening go down.

Improved muscular endurance

Having good stability also helps athletes improve their muscular endurance. It will enable athletes to perform at a high level for longer periods of time, 

Improved performance

Lastly, having good stability will ultimately improve an athlete’s performance. Core stability allows athletes to control their body and their movements, generate power and transfer force. This makes it easier to accelerate, change direction and make other movements that are essential in a variety of sports. 

Stability training vs strength training

Stability and strength training go hand-in-hand, yet are different. As stability is the ability to resist force, strength is the ability to exert force. Both are needed in pretty much every sport. 

Luckily, there are many different exercises that incorporate both stability and strength training simultaneously. Deadlifts, kettlebell exercise and core workouts are some of the best in terms of improving stability and strength!

In sports, athletes must be able to exert force as well as control force. This is why both stability and strength training is essential for athletes of all sports. If you are looking to improve your strength and stability this offseason, our sports performance training programs are the perfect fit! Give us a call today with any questions you may have.