Train Your Brain For Gametime

Before a season begins, athletes put in hours and hours of training both on the field and in the weight room. Once a season begins, athletes work even harder practicing for every game. All of this is done to help athletes be as ready as possible for game time. 

During an offseason, weight training is a huge focus for many different sports. However, athletes can always improve on their mentality, and a good mentality is something that is necessary to compete at a high level. 

At Warren Academy, we understand the importance of a strong mentality for athletes. Below, we go over some ways any athlete can train their brain for game time. 

Find a way, not an excuse

One of the first things athletes need to keep in mind when mentally preparing for a new season or a game is to always find a way rather than find an excuse. This is especially true during the offseason. Taking responsibility and ownership of everything you do, rather than making excuses, is what sets good athletes apart from great ones. 

Visualize your performance

In the days leading up to a new season or a game, start visualizing in your head how you will perform on the field or court. Envision potential situations or scenarios you may find yourself in. How are you going to make the play? What have you worked on all summer to succeed in this exact situation? By visualizing, athletes are able to game plan ahead of scenarios and make a quick play whenever a situation presents itself. 

Stay confident

In any sport, mistakes will happen. No matter how many mistakes you make, however big or small they may be, it’s essential that you never lose confidence in yourself. Having and maintaining confidence is something that every athlete should strive to do. Not only does staying confident help improve your performance on game day, but it also improves your mentality every single day. Believe in yourself even when it’s hard to do so!

One of the best ways to stay confident is through self-talk. Being mindful, purposeful and positive in the way you think about failure will uplift you and set you up for success in the future. 

Surround yourself with the right crowd

Lastly, as cliché as it sounds, surrounding yourself with the right people can significantly improve your mental focus and help train your brain for game time. Having teammates, family members, coaches and mentors all in your corner, who will push you to become your best, is one of the most beneficial things any young athlete can have. Making this a priority will help you stay focused on your end goal. 

Being an athlete can be hard. There will be challenges, there will be obstacles, there will be failures and there will be successes. Holding yourself accountable, staying confident and having a positive attitude in everything you do will help you not only excel on the field but in life. Keep these athlete mentality tips in mind as you progress through the offseason. 

At Warren Academy, we offer a variety of sports performance training programs that are designed to help athletes improve their overall strength, speed and athleticism. If you are looking to join a sports performance program this offseason, visit our website today to learn more about our programs.