Do's and Don'ts Before and After Exercise

Getting the most out of your performance not only takes hard work during your workouts but also thoughtful preparation beforehand and proper recovery afterward. It takes preparing yourself not only physically, but mentally. It takes both discipline and accountability. 

Each workout is another opportunity for athletes to prove themselves. It is another opportunity to take strides toward their goals and get better! When athletes do these little things right, and when they are doing what they need to prepare as well as recover, they will see their athleticism blossom. 

At Warren Academy, we offer a variety of sports performance programs throughout the entire year that focus on helping athletes build fundamental strength, speed and agility that is needed to compete at a high level of performance. However, it takes more than a strength and conditioning program for athletes to reach their goals. Below, we dive into some of the’s and don'ts before and after exercise

DO: Stretch

Stretching is one of the most important things all athletes should do to help prepare them for workouts, practices and games. However, stretching should not only be done right before exercise. In fact, stretching after exercise, and even at home, will help your body recover quicker, reduce your chances of injury and keep you prepared each and every day. 

DON’T: Eat or drink the wrong things

Nutrition plays a huge role in performance, which makes it that much more important to make sure you are eating and drinking the right things. Before a workout, you should avoid drinking soda and eating foods that are high in fat or protein, as they can hinder your performance. Instead, try eating carbohydrates such as fruits, as well as drinking plenty of water to ensure you are hydrated and ready to go before your workout. 

On the flip side, you should not indulge in junk food and lots of sugar after a workout. Although after-workout nutrition is not as picky as before, it’s still important that you are eating the right things, including lots of protein. 

DO: Get more sleep

One of the best ways an athlete can stay prepared for daily training and workouts is by getting an ample amount of sleep every night. Quality sleep helps athletes recover quicker and it allows them to perform better both physically and mentally. A lack of sleep can make athletes become fatigued quicker, run slower, have decreased reaction time, have an increased risk of injury and more. 

DON’T: Workout too much

Your body needs an ample amount of rest to recover properly, and working out too much doesn’t allow you to do that. Although it’s important that you are working out enough, working out too much can lead to injuries and burnout. Try to stick to your workout schedule and not over-push yourself. 

When it comes to the do’s and don’ts before and after exercise, there are many important things to keep in mind. By keeping these do’s and don’t before and after exercise in mind, you can better achieve your goals and ultimately improve your performance. 

At Warren Academy, we offer top-quality athlete training programs for athletes of all ages and sports. Interested in learning more about our sports performance programs? Visit our website today!