Why Athletes Need Strength Training

As a growing athlete, there are always ways you can get better. From getting good sleep to focusing on school and always practicing, student-athletes are able to develop and grow. However, implementing strength and speed training is something that will help athletes excel and develop much faster. 

Strength training is something that can set athletes apart from the rest. When athletes commit to the mindset of improving themselves in the weight room, an entire door of opportunities opens. That is why we offer youth strength training programs, to help young athletes unlock their full potential. 

Below, we go over some reasons why all athletes need strength training.

Strength training reduces the risk of injury

One of the most important reasons why all athletes should be performing strength training is that it has the ability to reduce the risk of injury. In every sport, injury can keep athletes off the field or court, and in some cases, set them back athletically. By improving and building strength, athletes are able to reduce the risk of becoming injured. 

Improves speed and performance

Strength training helps athletes unlock their full performance. By building strength and muscle mass, athletes are able to run faster, jump higher and improve their overall athleticism. Athleticism is needed in every sport, and although skill is crucial in making plays, having strength and speed helps athletes become even better. 

Strength training teaches muscle mechanics

When athletes start strength training, they teach their muscles the proper mechanics needed in sports. When you’re on the field, you’re pushing your muscles to their max. By simulating certain motions and mechanics, strength training helps athletes maximize their power on the field.

Better body composition

In certain sports, size matters. Linemen in football or post players in football not only need strength to be effective but also size. Strength training helps athletes improve both. Not only does strength training increase strength, but will help increase muscle mass on top of that. This makes athletes in certain sports much more versatile. 

Athletes don’t become great overnight. They become great due to hours of hard work. Early mornings or late nights in the weight room are what will set athletes apart from the rest. This is why strength training is so important for all athletes who want to become great. Not only does it make you stronger, but it also helps reduce the risk of injury, improve your speed and performance, teach your muscles certain techniques needed in your sport and improve your body composition. Don’t let the opportunity pass this offseason. Make strength training a priority!

At Warren Academy, we offer youth strength training programs to help athletes improve their functional strength and speed needed in sports. To learn more about our youth strength training program, or any of our sports performance programs, check out our website today!