How to Help Those in Need This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a beautiful time of the year. We’re reminded of everything we do have to be thankful for, and although at times it may seem like there isn’t much to be grateful for, we can always find something to be the needle in the haystack. Helping others can make you feel good and also create more positivity in the world around you.

You don’t have to do something huge to make a big difference. Oftentimes, it’s the little things that have the biggest impact. Consider paying for the person behind you in the line at the coffee shop, volunteering with a local organization or donating used coats and warm clothing that don’t fit to a homeless shelter or coat drive.

DREAM knows and understands the importance of helping at-risk children, especially this time of year. Many low-income families are unable to afford warm clothes and food for proper nourishment, let alone presents for the holidays. Thanksgiving is the start of the holiday cheer, so here are some ideas on how you can help those in need!

Adopt a family

Many of us are fortunate enough to be able to surround ourselves with family, friends and a hearty meal on Thanksgiving day. This is something that should never be taken for granted. Consider adopting a family, in which a local organization, church or YMCA can give you the information of a family you can help provide Thanksgiving dinner for, making their holiday better.

Invite others to the table

Some of your coworkers and friends may not have anybody to spend Thanksgiving with. Think about inviting them to your dinner; surely there will be enough food because there are always so many leftovers. You can invite more people and also encourage everyone to bring something to share.

Host a food drive

You can put together your own canned food drive in your own neighborhood, or participate in a local one. There are several organizations that collect canned food during this time of year, and even ones that do a Thanksgiving-specific food drive. When you’re nice and full after your Thanksgiving feast, think of those who might still be hungry and do what’s right.

Volunteer with a local organization

Whether you choose to volunteer with DREAM, participate in a coat drive or help out at a homeless shelter or animal shelter, your time and energy will make a difference. DREAM is always looking for volunteers to help with our mentoring, after-school programs and athletics, or even someone to donate school supplies. As much as we need volunteers, so do others in our community. Choose something close to your heart and give what you can.

Help a parent

This time of year is especially stressful for low-income families. Children are taking part in Thanksgiving activities at their school and are likely relaying how excited they are about Thanksgiving to their parents. It can be stressful for parents knowing they cannot provide what their children hope for. Consider adopting them as your own and helping them out.

Take care of your neighbors

If your neighbors are in need of someone to water their plants or watch their pets while they are traveling for Thanksgiving, offer them your helping hand. They’re sure to return the favor when needed. If you know your neighbors will be alone during this holiday, consider inviting them over for dinner or maybe just to enjoy some pie and good company.

Perform a random act of kindness

We all know how good it feels to have the person in front of us pay for our coffee, and it creates a chain of events with each paying for the next. You could also take your neighbors’ trash cans to the curb for them as a pleasant little surprise. No matter how small, any random act of kindness can make us feel good.

Begin helping at-risk children

If what’s close to your heart this holiday season is helping at-risk children, consider volunteering with DREAM. We’re always looking for individuals of unique backgrounds to join our team. Contact us today to see how you can help out!