Qualities Of A Leader

Every team needs a leader, or a group of leaders, that will help their teammates during difficult times. However, becoming a leader does not happen overnight. In fact, leadership is a skill that needs to be practiced, just like how catching a ball, tackling and learning the playbook. 

Practicing leadership skills in order to become a better leader on your team takes time. It takes focus, and it takes repetition. It takes a variety of qualities and characteristics, all of which can be practiced and made better. 

At Warren Academy, we work with athletes of all types in our youth sports performance programs. Our coaches understand what is needed to become a great team leader. Below, we go over some qualities that every team leader must possess. 

Qualities of a great sports leader

When it comes to becoming a great leader in sports, there are many different qualities an athlete must possess. Below, we highlight some of the most important leadership qualities. 

Great communicator

Every great sports leader is a phenomenal communicator. Effective communication allows for information to be easily understood and passed between coaches to players. Team leaders should not only have excellent verbal communication, but great nonverbal communication by setting examples during practice and training sessions. Effective communication is the key to having coaches and players all being on the same page. 


Another quality of a great sports team leader is to be relational. Being relational allows leaders to get along with their teammates and build respect. When a team leader isn’t relational, it’s hard for them to motivate and get the entire team behind them. Being respectful and friendly to all of your teammates will not only improve your team’s chemistry, but also create an identity in which your team will embrace. 


Every team leader should be one of the most hardworking, driven players on the team. By giving 100 percent effort during speed and agility training, weight lifting and practice, your other teammates will notice this and in return become more motivated to work harder themselves. Also, when leaders are driven, they will do whatever it takes to get the entire team on board in working hard towards their goals. 


Lastly, great team leaders are the most selfless players. They understand that the success of the team is greater than the success of themself, and will often put their teammates before themselves. Sometimes in a team, you will have to make sacrifices for the betterment of the team. Selfless leaders are the first to let their teammates know when they do something good, and take the time to help and teach younger players. 

When it comes to being the best leader you can be, encompassing these qualities is essential. As fall sports are just around the corner, now is a great time to start practicing these qualities not only around your teammates, but in everything you do. 

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