Tips On Mentally Preparing For A New Season

As we start to come to an end of summer youth athletic training, fall sports will soon start up across the country. These last few weeks of the summer before the season starts are one of the most crucial weeks of the offseason. All summer athletes have been in the gym and practice field preparing physically, but now is the perfect time to start preparing mentally. 

Sports are just as much mental as they are physical, if not more. Without mentally preparing, it’s hard for an athlete to get out as much as they want to. As the fall sports season approaches quickly, here are some things all athletes can be doing to improve their mentality to ensure they are ready for their season. 

Set goals

One of the first things all athletes should do before the start of a new season is set goals for themselves. When we say this, we mean individual goals (for example: have x amount of pancake blocks per game or x amount of season rushing yard), as well as begin thinking about team-oriented goals as well. One of the best ways to stay true to these goals is by writing them down and placing them in a spot where you see them daily. By setting goals, you will be able to create a better focus and desire for the upcoming season. 

Begin to visualize your performance

In the days leading up to a new season, start visualizing in your head how you will perform on the field or court. Envision potential situations or scenarios you may find yourself in. How are you going to make the play? What have you worked all summer on to succeed in this exact situation? By visualizing, athletes are able to game plan ahead of scenarios and make a quick play whenever a situation presents itself. 

Watch film

Even though we are still a few weeks away from fall sports starting, now is a great time to start watching film of last year’s games. Watching film allows you to actually watch what you are doing well and what you need to improve on. While watching film, make sure to take notes so you can remember all the things on which you want to work on, as well as note the things you do well!

Stay motivated

Many athletes start becoming more motivated the few weeks prior to the season starting. It’s vital that you stay mentally motivated and focused from now until your last game of the year. Athletes become successful when they take their offseason focus and motivation with them into the first few weeks of practice!

The weeks leading up to a new season are  the best time to make the leap and prepare yourself mentally. As many athletes tend to rest a little more during the week prior to the season, take that extra time to create goals, visualize yourself in different in-game situations, and watch film to look for new ways you can improve your game. 

As our summer youth athletic training sessions start to come to an end, we will soon be offering fall offseason and in-season youth athletic training programs. Give us a call to learn more!