Injury Prevention for Athletes

In sports today, more and more athletes are becoming injured, and at younger ages than ever before. will happen from time to time, however, there are ways all athletes can reduce the chances of injury. 

At Warren Academy, our training programs are designed to help athletes build the functional strength and speed that is needed to perform at a high level. Below, we go over some things athletes can do to prevent sports-related injuries from happening. 

Wear the appropriate gear

During games, practices, and even training, it’s important that athletes are wearing the proper gear. Proper gear will significantly reduce the risk of injury, both during training and while on the court and field. Many contact sports require players to wear helmets, shoulder pads, mouth guards, eye protection, protective cups and other forms of protective gear.

Warm up properly

Whether you are arriving at a practice, game, or speed and agility training, it’s very important that athletes are warming up properly. Warm-ups should be specific to whatever activity you are doing. Warm-ups should also never be rushed, and athletes should continue to warm up if they do not feel 100 percent ready. Not warming up properly can result in muscle strains, sprains, and tears, which can keep athletes sidelined for a significant period of time. 

Understand the game

Another way to reduce or prevent injuries from occurring is by knowing the game inside and out. When players know the rules of the game, fewer injuries happen. Not only does knowing and understanding how the game should be played help prevent injuries, it also makes athletes better and makes the game more enjoyable as well. 

Take Breaks / Rest when needed

During practice, games, and off-season training, taking breaks when needed will help prevent injuries, especially heat-related sickness. This doesn’t mean players should be sitting out during the conditioning portion of practice or other similar scenarios because they are “too tired”. Instead, players who are feeling severe muscle fatigue, any heat-related sickness symptoms, or any other significant factors should talk with their coach and get the attention needed to reduce the risk of any injuries. 

Don’t play when injured / come back too early

As an athlete who loves sports, it can be tempting to try and come back from an injury quickly, or even continue playing while injured. Some athletes can’t stand sitting out, and can find themselves itching to get back on the field or court. However, when athletes play when injured or try to come back from an injury too early, it can have significant setbacks to the whole healing process. Instead, players should be seeking professional care from doctors, athletic trainers, and coaches, and should never rush back too quickly from an injury. 

As sports-related injuries become more common in youth sports, don’t let an injury sideline you during your season. Use these tips to reduce the chances of these injuries happening.