How Setting and Achieving Goals Contributes to your Overall Success

Setting goals is a great way to keep your life interesting and it gives you something to work towards. Many people get a sense of accomplishment after achieving something, or even crossing a completed goal off a list; this in itself can motivate you to do more. Goals can be big or small; you don’t have to climb Mount Everest to feel like you’ve achieved success (although that would be pretty cool).

It’s easy to be excited about life when you feel like you’re on the right track, and setting and achieving goals helps ensure that you are. You can’t compare your goals to anyone else’s as there is no right way or perfect timeline. Everyone’s timeline is different and that’s okay. Youth mentoring programs are a great way for youth to achieve their goals and feel good about themselves.

How to start setting goals at youth mentoring programs

Youth, especially those considered at risk, might not know where to begin when it comes to goal setting. They likely need help achieving their goals, and maybe even setting them in the first place. It’s important to help them decide what goals they want to set, how to get going on that goal, and what to do if they get stuck on the way. Here are some bullet points to help you to help your mentee set some goals:

When deciding on a goal, don’t be afraid to push your mentee to go a bit beyond what they can currently do.

Have your mentee write their goals down as it can help them remember and stick to it. Make sure you’re descriptive. Don’t write, “Be a better brother to my younger sister,” instead write, “Do something nice every once in a while for my younger sister and listen to her when she’s talking.”

Have them share their goals with a friend. That way, they have you and another teammate holding them accountable.

If it is a bigger goal, be sure to help them break it down into smaller steps. If their goal is to get a better grade on their next math test, have them set several little goals leading up to it. This could be “pay more attention to my teacher when they’re teaching me something new” and “hand in my homework on time every time” and “study 15 more minutes than last time.”

Motivate them to keep going. If they need to rework the goal, help them do that and ensure they know it’s okay if it’s taking them longer than planned.

Most importantly, cheer them on when they complete the goal. Celebrate with a high five, and maybe even some ice cream.

Achieving goals leads to a positive life

When you’re always looking for something better in life, you won’t be able to achieve the utmost happiness. It’s important to be consistent with goal setting and giving yourself time to actually complete them. Know you’re where you’re supposed to be at this exact moment in your life, and point this out to your mentee, too.

Goals help you to continually become a better version of yourself. When you’re constantly improving who you are and working towards success, you’re sure to feel good about yourself and be happy throughout your life. If you’re interested in taking part in youth mentoring programs and learning more about how DREAM can become a part of your life, contact us today!