Best Ways To Build Speed

In pretty much every sport, and especially football, speed is everything. Speed is what sets great athletes apart from the rest. Speed is what helps athletes achieve success on the field or court. Speed is everything in sports. 

At Warren Academy, we offer speed and agility training programs designed to help athletes build the strength and speed needed to compete at a high level. We understand how big of a factor speed plays in sports and are here to help athletes develop and improve their athletic abilities. 

Here are some great drills that will help any athlete improve his or her speed. 

Incline sprints

Sprinting is one of the best ways an athlete can practice and improve their speed, but adding an incline makes sprinting even more beneficial. Whether you do this on a small or steep hill, or a treadmill, incline sprints will help athletes build strength and explosion, which will translate to faster speed on flat ground. 

Box jumps

Another way any athlete can improve and build speed is by performing plyometrics, such as box jumps. Box jumps help athletes work on exploding and will teach muscles to “turn on” faster and quicker when running. It’s best to start with smaller boxes and gradually increase in size as you progress. 

Cone drills

Another type of useful exercises athletes can do to help improve their speed are any cone drills. Cone drills make athletes focus on their balance and footwork, especially in tight areas. Football athletes especially benefit from cone drills as they are required to change direction quickly and often. 

There are many different cone drills athletes can do to improve their speed and agility. Here are some great ones to try

Focus on form

It’s hard for anyone to run fast without proper form. Form and technique are so important in everything athletes do. The most minor movements can make an athlete slower than he or she really are. By focusing on form and technique, and practicing this in the drills you perform, athletes will become faster. 

Build strength

It’s hard to improve speed without improving strength. As athletes focus on building strength in their legs, speed will follow. From strength training to other agility exercises, there are many ways athletes can build strength to improve speed!


Lastly, the best way to improve something is by practice and repetition. Running sprints is one of the best ways athletes can “practice” speed, and adding this into your training program will help prepare you for your upcoming season as well. 

Train with us!

At Warren Academy, our speed and agility training programs focus on all of the things listed above. Our coaches teach athletes the proper technique and form to help make them faster, as well as incorporate many strength building, endurance and plyometric drills to help athletes achieve their goals. 

If you are interested in getting faster this offseason, check out our website and learn more about our speed and agility training programs today!