Ways To Celebrate Black History Month

February is National Black History Month, a month dedicated to highlighting the important achievements and contributions that African Americans have contributed to our country’s history. Although these achievements and contributions should be celebrated and taught everyday, Black History Month is a great opportunity to make it a focus. 

The month of February reminds us to seek out stories and histories which may often go overlooked, and recognize the significance of black history. Nevertheless, it can sometimes be difficult to consider how exactly to recognize Black History Month. What can you do? Here are some ideas for honoring Black History Month.

Study and create Black art

One way to study the history of African Americans is by looking at historic Black art. By looking at different pieces of art from historic artists such as Joshua Johnson or modern day artists like Theater Gates, you can view how African Americans have expressed themselves artistically over the years. 

Families can celebrate African American art history by recreating famous art pieces or create their own black art! Here are easy art project ideas to help get you started! 

Support black-owned businesses

Another simple way to recognize Black History Month is by supporting black entrepreneurs in your community. Not only can you celebrate the history within Black History Month, but you can also make intentional decisions with your money to champion the future of black history. Explore black-owned businesses here in Omaha and consider how you can use their products or services.

Study African American literature

Reading literature is a great way for anyone to learn about the history of African Americans! As African American literature was highly driven during the Harlem Renaissance, it goes far beyond this moment in history into the modern day. Reading books from the early 1900s to current times will help people, both young and old, better understand African American culture. Here are some great must-read African American literature books. 

Study up on noteworthy black figures and their contributions

Lastly, Black History Month is a great time to study and review the lives of noteworthy black figures and the contributions they have brought to our country. People like Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson and Shirley Chisolm are popular names that are usually associated with this month, but there are a large number of other black individuals to learn about. Here’s a list of other notable African American figures to consider studying up on. And, if you’ve ever been interested in learning more about Black history in Omaha, this website is a good resource

While black history should be recognized consistently, Black History Month provides an opportunity to pay special attention to the recognitions and accomplishments of black individuals throughout history. This February, take these ideas to heart and practice these tips as you honor Black History Month. 

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