The Impact Of After School Programs

In the world we live in, there are many distractions that can alter how a young person thinks and behaves. During school, young students have supervision and structure that they have to follow in order to succeed. Once the school day is finished, however, some students don’t have this structure. This is especially true for students who have working parents who may not be able to be there for them right when the school day ends. 

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After school programs give those students who might not have the structure they need after school, a welcoming environment. After school programs have been seen to help many youths across the country, and in our Omaha, Nebraska community. During after school programs, students are able to receive academic help, learn and discover new skills and interests and socialize with their peers, all with an emphasis on fun. 

At DREAM, we have been offering after school programs in the Omaha community for 15 years. Our after school program benefits youth in many ways, and we are missioned to truly make an impact on the lives of many. Below, we explain the impact that after school programs have on young students. 


Academic support

If your child has learning and attention issues, helping them do their homework can be challenging. Getting their homework done in the after school program makes everyone's job easier.

Many after school programs provide structured homework assistance to kids. Usually, there is a dedicated time in the schedule just for homework. This is an opportunity for your child to get help with whatever subject or subjects they are struggling with. However, make sure that the aides are not doing the homework for your kid.

Provide supervision

There are some at-risk teens who may fall into drugs and crime because of a lack of supervision. After school program benefits at-risk youth by providing many fun activities that keep kids busy, eliminating engagement in risky behavior.

Providing supervision also helps students get their school work done when they otherwise would not have. After school programs are not just a daycare, but a resource for students who may be struggling with their academics, and need an extra helping hand outside of their regular teachers. 

 Improve social skills

A good after school program encourages children to socialize, cooperate with and support one another. This helps young kids feel more confident to participate in clubs, sports and other extracurricular activities.

During after school programs, kids are encouraged to communicate with their peers, rather than going home and spending hours of time in front of a television. Communication is essential in all parts of life, and developing socializing skills at a young age is one of the great after school program benefits. 

For some young kids, after school programs are a way to express themselves to others in a non-classroom environment. After school programs are a way for young people to get the academic help they need. It is a way for them to learn new skills and discover new hobbies. After school programs can play a huge role in youth development, and at DREAM, it is our mission to impact the lives of all youth in our community. 

If you are interested in learning more about our after school programs, would like to become a DREAM team member, or would like to know more about our organization, head over to our website today!