The Importance Of Attending Football Camps

As student athletes progress throughout high school, they start to see their performance, knowledge, and love for the game enhance. As athletes enhance their game, the next thought that fills their head is “college athletics.” For many young men and women, playing the game they love in college is a dream come true. But how do these young athletes get noticed by college coaches?

Throughout the offseason, there will be a variety of camps that athletes of every sport can attend. Although many camps offered by college programs take place during the summer, there are other football camps, showcases and combines that will be starting up  soon. Below, we explain the benefits of attending these camps and how to prepare for them!

Benefits of attending college camps

Networking - College camps are a great way for you to meet coaches and other players, as well as make a name for yourself. 

Instruction - Youth football camps in Omaha help athletes enhance their knowledge of the game while also focusing on fundamentals. Camps provide players a different approach to things, as teams and coaches don’t always do everything the same way! 

Accurate assessment / evaluation - When athletes attend college camps, they are able to better assess themselves, as well as get evaluated by coaches who are professionals in what they do. 

For younger athletes, middle school age to lower level high school, attending camps will help athletes learn more about the game and improve their fundamentals. As athletes get older, camps start meaning a little more. Coaches don’t only teach fundamentals about the game, but also evaluate the players by their skill and athleticism. This is why it’s so important that athletes are preparing for the events beforehand. 

How to stand out at a football camp

When you attend a camp, you’ll quickly notice that you are just one of many attending. This makes it difficult to stand out, especially if you’re not a highly sought after recruit. Here are some tips on ways to make yourself stand out at a football camp. 

  • Arrive early
  • Introduce yourself to the coaches
  • Hustle, always!
  • Pay attention and always give the coach speaking eye contact
  • Ask questions
  • Ball out!

As the offseason continues to progress, there will be more and more camps to attend. Be sure to take advantage of all of your offseason opportunities.

At Warren Academy, we offer youth football camps Omaha, and will be holding our Unsigned Senior Showcase on  Sunday, November 28. If you are interested in learning more about our future camps and showcases, or any of our other training programs, visit our website!