How To Tackle Your Offseason

Fall sports seasons are finally winding down, and winter sports are soon to start back up. As the season is about to begin for some, the offseason is starting for some others!

For high school football athletes, the offseason is usually filled with strength and speed training, as well as camps, showcases, combines, and 7v7. All of these, together, help prepare athletes for their upcoming season. However, it’s important that athletes are doing the right things to make their offseason training worth it!

At Warren Academy, we offer a variety of football and sports performance programs to help football athletes take their game to the next level during the offseason. Our strength and football academy coaches are very experienced and know everything about offseason training. Below, we give some tips on how every athlete can make the most out of their offseason!

Set goals

The first thing every athlete should do at the start of their offseason is set goals. These goals can be as simple as “I want to bench x amount of pounds by March”. You could also set goals for things you want to accomplish every week, such as “I am going to workout x amount of times per week”. Whatever goals you come up with, it’s important that you keep them in mind to help motivate you during the offseason. 

Although most offseason goals refer to actual metrics such as 40 time, bench max or number of workouts per week, there are also other things in which athletes can write down as offseason goals. Do you want to focus on your nutrition more? Do you want to improve your football IQ by watching more game films during the week? Although these may not be things all high school athletes think about doing during their offseason, focusing on more than just training during your offseason can help you take your game and athleticism to the next level!

Be consistent

Consistency is key to athletic success. While the offseason may seem like a great time to relax and take a day off here and there, doing so often can turn into a habit. It’s important that during the offseason, you are staying consistent with your training. Although you should give your body time to rest when you need it, consistently training and working hard each week will bring you the results that you want!

Attend camps

Lastly, for athletes who are wanting to one day play at the next level, it’s a smart idea to attend as many camps, combines and showcases as possible. These events not only help get athletes seen by college coaches, but also helps athletes see how they compare to other similar athletes. Camps are also a great way for athletes to learn new techniques and better their knowledge of the game. 

At Warren Academy, we will be offering many combines and showcases during the offseason, starting with our Senior Showcase later this month. For more information about any of our events, visit our website!

The offseason is the perfect opportunity for athletes to take their game to the next level. By setting goals, being consistent in your training, and attending camps and other events, you will surely see progress come next season!