Recruiting Tips For High School Athletes

Fall sports are flying by! For some sports, districts and playoffs will be starting shortly. For high school football, there are still a few week’s before the end of the regular season. However, during these last few weeks, college football recruiting will begin to pick up a bit and will continue throughout the winter. 

The college athlete recruiting process can be complicated. There are many things in which coaches are looking for, and in turn, many things athletes need to know and be aware of. As many athletes dream of playing college sports growing up, the opportunity is finally here!

At Warren Academy, we offer private football training in an effort to help athletes grow fundamentally. We have worked with many athletes who have gone on to play college and professional ball! Below, we detail some tips to help athletes who will be going through the recruiting process this fall and winter!

Start early

As an aspiring collegiate athlete, you should be starting the process earlier than later. It’s never too early to start thinking about where you want to play, and which colleges are the most appropriate to you. For most sports, coaches can start reaching out to athletes starting June 15th after their sophomore year of high school or September 1st of their junior year of high school

Junior athletes should start reaching out to college coaches ASAP. The earlier you reach out, the more opportunities you will have to play at the next level! Seniors should continue to take gameday visits throughout the end of the fall! Doing these things will put yourself in the best position to find a spot on a college team!

Keep your options open

When searching for schools, many athletes seem to think their only option is a Division 1 university. However, this isn’t true for all athletes. There are many levels of college athletics, including NCAA Division 2 and 3, NAIA and Junior College. Having the mindset that you will only play for a Division 1 school will limit your recruiting options and your chances of receiving a scholarship. 

Academics are important

When going through the recruiting process, make sure you’re not only evaluating each school on their athletic program, coaches and teams, but also their academics. This is not only important to you as a student athlete, but coaches see this as important as well. Maintaining good grades during high school will only better your chances of receiving a scholarship. Ask coaches or other school officials if they offer your major, and how their academic programs compare to other institutions when visiting or over the phone. This will not only help you determine which school is the best fit for you and your future, but it lets coaches know that you care about both academics and athletics.

Focusing on these three things will help you through the recruiting process. For younger athletes, you still have plenty of time and do not need to rush! But for seniors looking to play at the next level, be sure that you are making the most of every opportunity on the field, and using these tips to put yourself in the best position!

At Warren Academy, our private football training is designed to help athletes improve their craft and take their game to the next level. Our private football training has helped a number of athletes make it to the next level. If you want to learn more about our football training programs, or any of our sports performance programs, please visit our website today!