How To Help Your Young Student Focus On Academics

School can be challenging for many young students. The motivation to learn and focus can be hard, especially after a year like the COVID year. Although teachers and mentors alike can help boost a student’s academic performance, the role of parents can sometimes play an even bigger role in student success.

All parents should be helping at risk children focus on their academics. The support of parents is so crucial in academic and child development. In this blog, we give some tips on how parents can start helping their at risk children focus more on their academics, and ultimately find success in the classroom!

Talk with your child's teacher

One thing all parents should do to help their child succeed in school is talk with their teacher at the beginning of the school year. Ask them questions such as: “how can my child be successful this year” or “how can my student prepare for exams”. This shows the teacher that you care about your child and want to help them succeed. Teachers see this and will work with you throughout the year.

It’s also important that you attend parent-teacher conferences to stay informed about your child. From these meetings, you and your child’s teacher can sit down and come up with strategies which will help your student become more successful. 

Help them create goals

Another way to help increase your child’s focus on school is by helping them set goals. Setting goals is a great strategy for people of all ages who want to succeed in something. This is a great way to help keep children engaged when working on homework or preparing for a test. An example would be making a goal to review and create study notes for chapter one of a certain subject. Once your child has completed this goal, give them a break to refresh their mind before taking on the next task or goal. 

Make a dedicated workplace at home

Another thing to remember is that your home is completely different from a classroom. Your television, video games, computer games, and other distractions often make students lose focus and become distracted when they should really be studying. This is why having a designated workplace at home, a spot where students can do their homework without any distractions, is so important. 

Establish consistent routines

Lastly, our youth today thrives on routines, and it only makes sense to implement a school routine every night of the week! Consider using a schedule or planner to make sure your students are doing everything they need to every night, as well as try to have your kids do their homework at the same time every day. 

Sleep also plays a huge role in helping children focus in school. Developing a consistent sleep routine will help enhance your child's ability to be successful in their academics. 

As your young student continues to work on more assignments and prepare for more exams this school year, it’s vital that parents are supporting them along the way. Use these tips to help your child focus on their academics all school year long. 

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