How To Impress Coaches Early In The Season

In all sports, but especially football, there is only a fraction of the roster that is on the field or court at once. In youth football, usually everyone on the team gets to play in games. However, as young players develop into high school, this is not usually the case. In fact, there are many players who don’t get to see the field as much as they want to, which can be frustrating. 

Omaha football started up this week, and many athletes across the state are working hard to make a great first impression. Especially for incoming freshmen, these first couple of weeks can be challenging and nerve-racking. However, they are crucial in setting a good impression, and dictating your playing time for the entire year. 

Here are some tips to help all athletes impress their coaches as they begin their season!

Show that you are a team player

One of the first things football coaches look for in their team is someone who is a team player. Players who are all about themselves or quick to blame their teammates don’t sit well with coaches. Since football is a TEAM sport, you should be all about the team, no matter your skill level. To show that you truly care about the team, do these things:

  • Hustle during plays and between drills
  • Show your teammates some love when they make mistakes
  • Never point your finger at your teammate
  • Congratulate your teammates when they make a good play
  • Always keep your own head up

Get to practice early and stay late

Coaches always recognize the athletes who are getting to practices early, as well as those who are the last to leave. Putting in extra work either before or after practice is one of the best ways to stand out to coaches! Also, helping coaches set up / take down drills is a great way to show the coaches that you truly care and are willing to put in extra effort to help the team! 

Be coachable

Another way to make yourself stand out to your coaches, as well as improve your game, is by being coachable. When we say be coachable, there are a few things we mean:

  • Be respectful to your coaches
  • When your coach is talking to you, look them in the eyes
  • Be willing to accept criticism
  • Be humble
  • Apply what they are teaching you to drills 

Surround yourself with good company

In high school football, there will always be players on the team that just don’t want to be there or care as much as others. Be sure that you are surrounding yourself with teammates who share the same vision and work ethic as you! Coaches see different cliques within their teams, and know which groups want it more than others. Surrounding yourself with players that don’t take practice seriously, or don’t respect the coaches, will not benefit you!

As Omaha Football starts up, these next couple of weeks are so important. Use these tips to put yourself in the best position to see the field this fall!

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