Ways To Live A More Simple Life

In the world we live in today, there are many distractions that make life a little more hectic from time to time. Whether it’s our phones, the TV, video games, or just our lifestyle in general, there are many factors that create a busy life. However, there are many ways in which we can reduce this chaos and focus on living a little more simply. 

July 12th is National Simplicity Day, a day that puts great focus on self-reflection and creating a more simple way of living. In this blog, we will discuss ways you and your family can begin to live more simply!


What is National Simplicity Day?

National Simplicity Day is a day that honors the late author and poet, Henry David Thoreau, who advocated for people to live a more simple life in an effort to unshackle from the complications and hustle of their lives. This day inspires us to reflect and take note of what we are filling our lives with. 

Ways to make your life more simple

Limit media consumption

As much as technology has helped shape our future and make life easier, it has also consumed us and created competition in many aspects of life. Today, social media, internet and television have made us feel as though we need to compare our lives to the lives of others. So rather than turning on the TV or looking at your phone all night, consider taking time away from technology, and instead reflect on your day. Reduced media consumption has also been seen as a great way in helping at risk children

Create a simpler schedule

From time to time, life gets really busy, and there isn’t really much we can do about it. However, there are many times in which people make their lives busier than they need to be! In an effort to live more simply, one of the best things anyone can do is to clear up their schedules. Instead of doing things you don’t want to do but feel obligated to, try spending time for yourself, spending time doing what makes you happy. Now, there are many obligations in life, and anyone can understand that some things just need to be done. However, avoiding packing your schedule with obligations that don’t add value to your life is one of the best ways to create happiness and simplicity in your life! 

Spend time alone

Self-reflection is one of the most beneficial things to do to create a more simple life, and spending more time alone is the best way to effectively self-reflect! Although self-solitude can be uncomfortable, it allows us to slow down and really listen to our thoughts. In an effort in helping at risk children, taking time for self-reflection is one of the best ways for young people to better learn about themselves. 

Establish routines

To live a more simple life, it’s important that you are creating more simple routines! Establishing routines allows you to set time apart to commit to specific obligations and actions. By developing a consistent routine, you will be able to better organize your life!

As you celebrate National Simplicity Day next week, use these tips to help you live a more simple life!

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