Focusing On Mental Health

The past year has been a lot to handle mentally. Although most communities have begun to reopen and take the next step to get back to normal life, everyone should still be focusing on their mental health. Around 7.5 percent of children in the United States are affected by mental illness, and this number is substantially higher in adults. 

As May is National Mental Health Month, it’s the perfect time for anyone, young and old, to focus on their mental health and wellbeing. This blog gives some ways we all can do so!


Talk to others about your feelings

Talking and telling your story to others can be challenging, and a little bit out of your comfort zone. However, this is one of the best ways to start focusing on your mental health is by talking to others. Having others there to listen to our feelings and life stories helps us feel supported and less alone. Telling someone about what you’ve been going through is not a weakness. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to help your mental well being!


Value yourself

Life can get really busy in the blink of an eye; busy enough to sometimes forget about what makes you happy. Although life does require us to have responsibilities, we must also remember to take time for ourselves. Taking time for your favorite hobbies and activities is a great way to stay mentally healthy. And on top of that, it’s vital that everyone is treating themselves with kindness, and thinking of themself positively. Doing so can not only make you happier but overall enjoy all aspects of your life a little bit more. 


Keep active

Another way to help yourself stay mentally healthy is by living an active lifestyle. This is especially true for at risk youth, and every child for that matter. Experts believe exercise releases chemicals in your brain that make you feel good. Exercising doesn’t mean you need to go to the gym every day. Even if you can fit in a 30 minute walk, bike ride or other physical activity, you will see an increase in self-confidence and motivation!

Another part of staying active is also taking good care of your body by eating nutritious meals. On top of that, avoiding smoking and using drugs, as well as getting an ample amount of sleep each night will help keep you mentally healthy!


Surround yourself with good people

Lastly, people with strong family and social connections are generally more mentally healthy than those who do not have the same support. Doing things with family and friends that care about you and make good decisions is a great way to help anyone focus on their mental wellbeing. 


As we celebrate Mental Health Month, make sure you are taking time for yourself, as well as helping your friends and loved ones who are in need. None of us are going through life alone. Keep these tips in mind when focusing on your mental health!

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