How Any Athlete Can Become A Great Leader

Many sports require athletes to work together, play together and become leaders on and off the field. However, there’s few sports that require a greater sense of leadership than football. Football teams count on leaders to help motivate the team, hold everyone accountable, and set an example of how every player should act. 

Just like becoming a great player, becoming a great leader does not just happen overnight. For athletes to become a team leader, they must put in the time and effort not only on the field, but off as well. 

At Warren Academy, we offer speed and agility training programs to help athletes improve their overall athleticism. And as much as sports performance matters in the game of football, football is a game that requires much more than talent. In this blog, we will discuss ways any athlete can become a great leader, and help their team succeed. 


Qualities of a great sports leader

When it comes to becoming a great leader in sports, there are many different qualities an athlete must possess. Below, we highlight some of the most important leadership qualities. 

Great communicator

Every great sports leader is a phenomenal communicator. Effective communication allows for information to be easily passed and understood between coaches to players. Team leaders should not only have excellent verbal communication, but great nonverbal communication by setting examples during practice and training sessions. Effective communication is the key to having coaches and players all being on the same page. 


Another quality of a great sports team leader is to be relational. Being relational allows leaders to get along with their teammates and build respect. When a team leader isn’t relational, it’s hard for them to motivate and get the entire team behind them. Being respectful and friendly to all of your teammates will not only improve your team’s chemistry, but also create an identity in which your team will embrace. 


Every team leader should be one of the most hardworking, driven players on the team. By giving 100 percent effort during speed and agility training, weight lifting and practice, your other teammates will notice this and in return become more motivated to work harder themselves. Also, when leaders are driven, they will do whatever it takes to get the entire team on board in working hard towards their goals. 


Lastly, great team leaders are the most selfless players. They understand that the success of the team is greater than the success of themself, and will often put their teammates before themselves. Sometimes in a team, you will have to make sacrifices for the betterment of the team. Selfless leaders are the first to let their teammates know when they do something good, and take the time to help and teach younger players. 


In high school football especially, every team needs a set of good leaders. These leaders should not only be there to motivate their teammates, but set an example of how things should be done. By communicating effectively, being respectful to your teammates, leading by example of hard work and understanding that the team comes before oneself, any player can develop into a great leader. 

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