How Mentoring Benefits Teens

Many adults can look back into their past and think of someone who had acted as a mentor in their lives. Whether it was a teacher, a family friend or a neighbor, pretty much everyone can think of someone who gave them advice and a friendship they will never forget. 

Mentorship is an effective way to help children of all ages adapt to changes in life, become more motivated and overall have a friend that they can talk to and trust. In our world today, mentoring programs are especially beneficial for teenaged children. Teenage life is often overwhelming, and with the innovation of social media and cell phones, teenagers can easily become stressed and disheartened. 

At DREAM, our teenage mentoring programs are designed to give kids in our community an extra friend that they can talk to about anything. Below, we discuss the benefits of teenage mentoring programs, and why they make a lasting impact in the lives of many. 


Self confidence

One of the best benefits of teenage mentoring programs is that mentors often give teenagers the confidence that they need in their daily lives. With how technology has innovated over the years, it’s easy for teens to see something online and immediately lose confidence in themselves. Having a mentor helps boost children’s confidence, and has proved to motivate them to be more social, have better patience and feel a sense of accomplishment in their life. 


Community involvement

Another benefit of mentoring programs is that they put a great emphasis on community involvement. This helps teach teens about the importance of helping others and doing good for more than oneself. 

Research has shown that teenagers in mentoring programs are more likely to volunteer, have a better understanding of empowerment and treat others better by being more understanding of issues that happen within our world. 



Lastly, mentoring programs have shown to greatly benefit teenagers and high school students academically. With increased confidence, patience and understanding, students tend to understand the importance of school and start taking it more seriously. Mentoring programs also teach students about responsibility, and that they are accountable for getting homework done and paying attention during class. Research shows that teenagers actively enrolled in mentoring programs are less likely to skip class, more likely to graduate high school, more eager to read and learn and overall are pay more attention to their grades and performance.  

Teenage mentoring programs like ours at DREAM don’t just help teenagers gain a better understanding of life, but a better understanding of themselves as well. On top of that, mentoring programs give teenagers a helping hand, a friend and someone they can talk about life with. 

Our mission at DREAM is to make a lasting impact throughout our community. To learn more about our mentoring programs, or to get involved, visit our website today!