Benefits of Team Training

Sport specific training is an essential part of every athlete’s offseason routine as it helps increase strength and performance. Offseason training also helps athletes stay motivated, increases their confidence and overall prepares them for their season ahead. 

More and more athletes are beginning to train individually during the offseason, which is not a bad thing. However, team sport specific training as a team offers teams of any sport a wide range of benefits. Below are some of the benefits of team training!

Increased motivation

Offseason training can become really repetitive really fast, causing athletes to lose motivation over the course of the entire offseason. However, when athletes are training right next to one of their teammates, or all of their teammates, athletes tend to work harder and find a bit more motivation to beat the guy or girl next to them. 

Although some athletes are self-motivated and enjoy working out by themselves better, training partners can bring a new sense of energy to each training session. There is nothing like the support of your own teammates that will make you work harder during the offseason! 


Another benefit to team training is that it helps hold teammates accountable for working towards their team’s goals. When athletes train individually, there is no one there holding them accountable for skipping a training session or not working as hard as they can. 

During team sport specific training sessions, every teammate is expected to show up and work hard. This not only creates a team identity but also athletes show their teammates that they are willing to do whatever it takes during the offseason to succeed. 

More fun

Training as a team is more competitive, more rewarding and overall more fun. Athletes are more likely to enjoy training when they are competing and working hard next to their teammates. Team training brings a sense of community and competition that you don’t find in individual training. 


Lastly, training as a team during the offseason is one of the best ways to bring a team together. When athletes train with teammates, they are able to learn from each other and help each other get through obstacles. Experiencing success and failure as a group is one of the best ways to improve teamwork, and team training does just that. 


Although many athletes enjoy individual training during the offseason, there is no better way to prepare a team for their upcoming season than team training. Team training helps increase an athlete's motivation and confidence, makes them more accountable, and brings a sense of fun into training. Even if you are taking part in individual training sessions, it’s still important to incorporate some sort of team training into your offseason regime. 

At Warren Academy, we offer sport specific training programs for all football players wanting to improve their fundamentals, technique and overall knowledge of the game. This program is offered in individual, group, or team sessions. Give us a call today to sign up for a session and get better this offseason!