Teaching Children To Become Leaders

Pretty much every parent wants their children to grow up and become successful one day. They want to see their kids become leaders, be courageous and take initiative. However, instilling these types of skills in children can be more challenging than it sounds. 

At DREAM, we offer youth mentoring programs focused on helping at risk children grow and succeed in their future endeavors. A great purpose of youth mentoring is to help young children become great leaders. In this blog, we discuss some ways parents can instill the values of leadership in their children!

Have them participate in activities

One of the best ways to help children learn the values of being a leader is by getting them involved in extracurricular activities such as sports and clubs. Activities outside of school, such as sports, allow children to learn new skills, be a part of a team, and get a firsthand experience of what being a leader is. 


Focus on emotional intelligence 

Another way to teach your children about leadership is by focusing on emotional intelligence, which is another purpose of youth mentoring. When children are able to understand things like empathy and sympathy, they are more likely to be better problem solvers. Being able to control emotions, as well as solve problems on the go, are all critical skills to have as a leader. 


Set a good example

All parents are leaders to their children, and they should try their best to be a good example at home. By allowing your children to see how you handle work, life at home and all the craziness in between, they start to learn and develop the same skills and ultimately become much more accountable as they grow. 


Sharpen their communication skills

A quality of a good leader is someone who can talk to anyone about anything no matter where they are or what they are doing. In children, it can take a bit for communication skills to develop. However, parents should be practicing and helping their children learn how to properly communicate. When you are out to eat, have your children order for themselves! This will help kids feel more comfortable when talking to others they may not know, as well as allows them to practice all of the qualities of good communication! 


Consider a youth mentoring program

It’s not a secret that life can become busy from time to time. Working parents may not have enough time in their day to really help their children develop these skills. That’s what is so great about youth mentoring programs. The main purpose of youth mentoring is to help at risk youth develop the leadership and interpersonal skills needed for them to one day become successful. At DREAM, our youth mentoring programs give kids an extra friend who will listen and help them through all of life's challenges. 

The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. It’s up to us to help our children develop the skills that are necessary for success. 

At DREAM, our youth mentoring programs focus on building leadership skills in at-risk youth. To learn more about our mentoring programs, or about our organization in general, visit our website today!