5 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month

February is Black History Month, a month dedicated to highlighting the important achievements and contributions that African Americans have contributed to our country’s history. Aside from celebrating, this is a great opportunity for families of all types to learn about and have conversations about the experiences of Black people in America. 

Today’s need for greater racial equality calls for children to learn and be exposed to diversity starting at a young age. Although the achievements of African Americans should be talked about and taught throughout the entire year, Black History Month is a great time to start the conversation with your kids. 

Here are some great ways any family can learn about and celebrate Black history this month!


Study and create Black art

One way to study the history of African Americans is by looking at historic Black art. By looking at different pieces of art from historic artists such as Joshua Johnson or modern day artists like Theater Gates, you can view how African Americans have expressed themselves artistically over the years. 

Families can celebrate African American art history by recreating famous art pieces or create their own black art! Here are easy art project ideas to help get you started! 


Learn about and make African American cuisine

Another way families can come together and study the history of African Americans is by looking into African American cuisine. Food is a big part of every culture, and can really help people learn more about the history of every culture. Families can celebrate by coming together and cooking a special dinner. To make this activity even more educational, families could look at maps together and discuss where certain foods, spices, and specialty dishes originated from


Support Black Businesses

What better way to celebrate Black History Month than supporting the black businesses and organizations in your community?! Throughout the entire year, but especially in February, families should try to support the African American owned businesses in your area! This could be ordering take out once a week from your favorite black-owned restaurants, or donating to a nonprofit organization like DREAM

Here is a list of black-owned businesses in the Omaha, Neb community


Study African American Literature

Reading literature is a great way for anyone to learn about the history of African Americans! As African American literature was highly driven during the Harlem Renaissance, it goes far beyond this moment in history into the modern day. Reading books from the early 1900s to current times will help people, both young and old, better understand the African American culture. 

Here are some great must-read African American literature books. 

Indulge in African American film and music

Lastly, a fun way to learn and celebrate African American history is by watching black television shows and movies! Film is a very useful teaching tool that allows anyone to learn and understand African American culture. Here are some great movies to watch this month

And what better way to celebrate than listening to and dancing to music? Music is another component that is very important in cultures. Here are some influential songs to listen to this month! 


Black History Month is a great time to bring your family together and learn about the history of the African American culture in our country. To uplift all of the voices who have had an impact on our country, use these ways to help your family learn and celebrate the history of African Americans!